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Old Western -- New.

Crown and anchor gambling game gambling to make money

The top is punched by hand, so results may vary! Have more in stock - let me know if interested,"per seller. Silver sterling. Spin the Dredel Game. Instructions here. Poorly made. Half the time it does not spin; and the other half of the time it is a poor wobbly spin. Looks nice, though: Saw this first time on eBay February Teetotum spins true and fast. Each top I make is different since they are hand made. Hand stamped, hand knurled, and machined on a manual lathe.

Saw this on eBay Jan Seller, illinoisvalleycustoms1. Looks like the same as the left one. These have been around for quite a while, usually labeled as "vintage" or "antique. Includes the carrying case and 2 game pieces. Made from bone. Very well detailed. The case is replicated to look like a wicker basket. Hinged lid opens to reveal the 2 game pieces. Each piece is approx. Excellent condition. The dealer describes these as: This patent pending design is precision balanced and the smooth rounded patent pending spin-tip will not mar surfaces.

Lettering is Laser engraved and will not peel off. Each piece weighs in at a heft. We've had 2: Spins fairly well. Pleasure to pick up and read. Saw this April on eBay. Annodized - CNC Engraved. Dealer, in eBay August auction description, says: Proudly made at the Crisloid factory in Providence, RI. Modern Put and Take dice. Easy to read the large letters and numbers.

Dies read: Give put to pot; Made by Koplow Games Inc. I spotted this in April Die 1: One unusual rule: Per seller: Each edge is also burnt to outline it. The wooden cube measure 1" 2. I will include insructions on how to play. Dealer told me: Probably form 90's. Take two AP: Put four Spin well, 40 seconds over glass surface" "New spinning top for Parta Ola Put and Take , the traditional spinning top game. Hand lathed of aluminum, well balanced for long spins.

English lettering is CNC-engraved and hand painted. Great game for the whole family. This auction includes one aluminum top, instruction card, and small fabric gift bag. The perfect gift! Okay, I'll even sell it to anyone else who might want it so don't feel left out. So, here it is, the ultimate put and take die!! It's an ivory colored 12 sided D12 to the gamer community 16mm die and the sides, in no particular order, are engraved as follows: Brass, sold in the U. Seller says, "spinners made from the finest quality aircraft grade stainless steel which is machined using state of the art CNC turning centers and precision balanced for a piece that will spin perfectly and last forever, with a finish so bright and shiny you will need your sunglasses!

Seller says they are "made from solid silver. The Put and Take measures 27mm long, 12mm wide and weighs 20gm. All Pay — Everyone puts one ante into the pot. Pay One — The player will ante one into the pot. Pay Two — The player will ante two into the pot. Take All — The player takes the pot.

Everyone will ante again and the game will start over. Take One — The player will take one ante out of the pot. Take Two — The player will take two antes out of the pot Mexican , made currently. Wood, metal tip. The red celluloid tops worked that way because the lower portion of the sides were rounded in such a way to force the desired outcome. The white plastic one here is weighted on the inside for each of the six sides so as to force the desired outcome depending on whether the operator twists the stem to the right or left.

Saw this April on Ebay. Dealer said, "The contents of the game are the metal dreidel, 10 authentic Gold nugget replicas, rulebook with a very short history of the California gold rush, and a canvas pouch to hold it all. I don't own this one. Also, the bottom is rounded, no "nipple" or point to spin on.

I first saw this February By Me. She was impressed, though, with its handsome appearance and heavy weight. I just received mine in the mail; it spins very poorly. I love the hefty weight 36 grams. By the way, not shown here, but the jagged line between the "T" and the "A" on the TA side is the signature "Rocky," the nickname of the creator of the top.

Click here to see that T-A-jagged line side. Old Western -- New. Seller says, "Gambling 8 sided put-n-take top carried by all early "s gamblers, a game could be started anywhere with someone putting money into a pool and spinning the top. Originals of these tops are hard to find today, these are made exactly as the originals and after they tarnish, will look exactly like an original does.

It is packaged nicely in a canvas pouch. It is small enough to stick in your pocket or in a pouch while wearing your costume. A fun historic game for play at festivals and re-enactments. This allows for more players and bigger stakes!

We offer even more coins that are great to add or add replica coins from your own collection. I bought the thing from Amazon. Glad I did. Cute booklet and coins 13 coins only. But the top is difficult to spin properly and consistently. It is smaller than similar ones in my collection. Made by Toys Anno, Budapest, Hungry. Note the spellings of "Spinning Top" in different languages on the box. I like it: But it is easy to file down the pointy tip to make it spin easily.

Per the instruction sheet: Pend" for patent pending is etched on top of top near handle. See this link for patent, dates and corporate information. Box says: Four "sides" to spinner. More like a dreidel, with four sides: T -- Take one. A -- Take all. P -- Put one. N -- Nothing happens Troy, New York. Made by Want Ad Digest. Their name, address, web site, price, etc. Note the hole and ring in the handle. Saw this on eBay June It features a knurled stem for easy spinning and its heavy 1.

Letters are engraved for longevity. Side Engravings: Card Game: Put and Take. Per dealer: A few of the cards contain new instructions that can radically change the outcome. The game finishes when one player has all of the pieces. Entertaining for kids and adults. Great game to have when family comes over for the holidays. The spinner puts pays 1 into the pot.

The spinner puts pays 2 into the pot. The spinner takes gets paid 1 from the pot. The spinner takes gets paid 2 from the pot. All players must put 2 into the pot. The spinner wins the whole pot! Another WTA one. I first saw this in January on eBay. Called "vintage"? Same rules as above. Unusual in that the letters are upright, not sideways. Mine looks brand new. Polished Brass. Very pretty, but spins rather poorly.

In fact, most attempts to spin fail! The company makes many small metal machinist products like belt buckles, bottle openers, spinning tops, etc. The top is stamped, oxidized and then polished but will patina nicely in time. They put out interesting videos showing how they made these tops: Another J. Steven Robbins Gambling Top. They say, "Manually handcrafted on a lathe in Western Massachusetts.

The web site says this: This top is not designed for the longest spin times. This drop is limited to 30 pieces Six bovine bone counters used for Put and Take. The other side features a dart board with 4 smaller games at the corners. They are sold in metal: At the start of the game every one gets 3 tokens. For background Cthulhu see: They call the tokens: Some rules here. Introduction and history 2. NOT 6 or 8 sides. Wood Put and Take: Email me a picture of it, and I'll add it to this page, along with your name or initials if you like.

Click here for more information about the musical piece. Even better is this delightful ditty lyrics and instrumentals , "Put and Take," sung here by Harry Fay. More on Fay's song below. Click here to see my web page: Basic Rules and Spinners Players ante into a pot and take turns spinning the top.

The commands on the six sides are usually in words. And to read the words, you hold the top sideways. The commands are usually: To read them, you hold the top upright. The one on the far left has these outcomes on the 8 sides: The one on the near left has these sides: Origins and brief history.

Put and Take is one of many forms of Teetotums, which are any gaming spinning top. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica article on teetotums , "the hexagonal six-sided teetotum was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The tops were widely attributed to be developed and popularized by the doughboys in the trenches of World War I. They could be carried in ones pocket and used anytime in a bar, army barracks or other gathering place for an impromptu gambling session. Each player would contribute chips, coins or currency to a pot.

T he heyday was especially seen in and 22 I refer you again to the timeline. Words to song, here. I suspect that the reason for the In other words, there was a great deal too much putting by novices and taking by cheats. There is a casino game "Put and Take" that uses playing cards instead of a spinner! Free Google ap here too. Here are some historical informative links on the subject of Put and Takes.

They also provide information on the letters P, N, D, etc. It gives the Latin abbreviations on the sides of teetotums. Here too for dreidel information. Also here. Rules of Play. If it landed P1, P2 or P3, he would lose put 1, 2 or 3 of his chips, respectively, into the pot. By far, the most common rule is for all the players to add one chip to the pot if "O", "All Put," etc.

Source of pictures of spinners for this page. Also included are many put and takes that I do not own, pictures taken from eBay listings. It is the newest and latest craze to tempt our gambling instinct, and is all the rage all over the country. Well, you will be surprised to know that it is one of the very oldest games in the world. Pictured above are the most common type of Put and Takes. They were usually small, about an inch high, and made of brass. They can be distinguished from each other in a variety of ways, as is apparent on this page.

These invariably have words like "put two" on the sides, not short-hand "P2", "T1," etc. I have never seen an 8-sided one with words on the sides, just T1, TA, P2, etc I find that the 6-sided ones are more common than the 8-sided ones. In "1" the P's and T's are on the top level and the amounts 1, 2, 3, etc. Also in "1," some of the tops represent two dice. The others are 6-sided. It is almost always on the right.

These are other miscellaneous metal Put and Takes. A number of them are sterling. Note the different sizes. One near the upper left is a pin. The dark one near the upper right is a cube-shaped metal Put and Take. Just below it is a 4-sided top. The two at the lower right and lower left have internal spinning dials. The reddish one near the top has a needle and thread inside. These Put and Takes are non-metal.

About half are made of catalin; others bone, wood, celluloid and ordinary plastic. Some are bi-level. Three of them are mechanical lead pencils that are to be rolled for the Put and Take effect. Two of the tops are celluloid advertising pieces -- one touts Manbeck's Bread "A winner everywhere" ; the other says "You don't gamble when you buy Trenton Crackers. The one next to it is 4-sided wood. The red one next to it is plastic with a compartment for solid perfume. She says, "In the Netherlands 18th —19th century they made spinners from silver, like in the picture.

The letters and text are old Dutch. Lengh 3. That much is for sure. Spinning with the a-al-top was one of the games. The top has 6 letters: Another similar one: Put and Take Collections and Collectors. Click the picture on the left to see the enlarged picture of part of the put and take collection of Barrie M. Put and Takes -- Non-English language, vintage click here to be directed to that separate page. Crown and Anchor put and take top. More neat bi-level ones.

Left the tan one: Looks like the bottom part, at least, is made of a type of plastic. Middle the yellow one: This is a really nice old celluloid Put and Take teetotum featuring famous horses of the 's. The top has six sides and a separately rotating top portion with the odds on it , , , , and Condition is excellent showing very little wear or damage.

I just bought the top on the right, Oct It is virtually the same as the other two. It is made of hard plastic, maybe solid bakelite, on the outside. The sides are in the same order as cited in the above paragraph. All three have the same "nipple" bottom.

However, with the odds part missing, I can see eight small ball bearings inside the upper level part. Very heavy at 66 grams! There must be much metal inside. It looks nice and well made, but hardly spins at all -- it flops about virtually every time you attempt to spin it. Two plastic celluloid bi-l evel r acehorse top s, 8-sided. I own both. As best as I can, I show the year of birth of the horse named on each side. Horses came into their prime in about their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year. The years should aid in guessing the year the top was made.

It is all-plastic with celluloid-like grain lines. The upper odds level is blue though picture looks black. The 8 sides are in this order: Phar Lap famous Australian horse born , Mona? The odds are: It is plastic with what looks to be a gray wood handle. Zev , Flicka? The 8 odds are, in this order: Flicka is Swedish for girl! Maybe a Swedish owner or horse. Mate was an American Thoroughbred racehorse best known for winning the Preakness Stakes. Pavot was an American Thoroughbred Champion racehorse.

In a career that lasted from to he ran thirty-two times and won fourteen races. Pompey — was an American Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. These are all bi-level spinning tops of mine. One collector described them as: Some were aluminum, or chrome plated On the put and takes, the upper tier would tell you if you won or lost, and the bottom tier would tell you how much.

On the race horse tops, the bottom tier would indicate which horse won, and the upper tier would give the payoff odds. The race horse tops originally sold for cents each in the 's. The box they came in proclaimed "the pocket race course America's Great New Racing Game. DISQ,,, ,, For" is engraved on the top of the spinner. Famous British race horses, c. Yutoi was born and Golden Corn In the U.

Please correct me if I am wrong about that. I got the top from U. All these horse-racing tops have machined steel magnetic in the upper level, and nickel-chromium brass non-magnetic in the lower body. Horse Racing. DISQ, ,, ,, Quite lightwight. Famous American horses. This top is not as old as the others. All the horse on this top, except Stymie who won a record fortune in second class races , won the Belmont stakes.

DISQ, , , , , On one, I could make out "" of the patent date. Man o' War made his debut on June 6, By the time he retired 16 months later, he was a national hero, joining Babe Ruth as the first shining stars of the Roaring Twenties. The charismatic horse's popularity had brought fans back to the track. Man o' War went to the post 21 times and won 20 races. He won one race by an incredible lengths and triumphed in another carrying pounds.

He whipped a Triple Crown champion by seven lengths in a match race. ZEV- became the greatest money-winning racehorse in history. Famous American Horses. Colin was born ; the others Go figure. One eBay listing of this top said: Morvich, winner of the Kentucky Derby Pillory, winner of the Preakness and Belmont Stakes Bunting, Whitney Stables winner at Saratoga and Belmont. Colin, Undefeated champion. For craps or any other dice game. The white thing on the top is a label.

I should have scanned another side, but didn't want to take another scan. Swedish put and take. This top is unusual in that the numbers go in a natural sequence -- 6,5,4,3,2,1. Usually the numbers are mixed up as on a roulette wheel. Till then I had never seen either. When they spout, "a special top which is under control at all times," they mean the top is gaffed for cheating. Card Co. More cheating with tops.

The above is from one of my gambling supply catalogs, this one from New York City's venerable old H. Edwards Co. I suppose it could "favor" the "banker" if the bottoms of the sides were rounded differently and the "banker" was in control of the spinning, so he could spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on which horse had the larger bets.

Or if the customer was consistently betting on a particular horse, the banker would supply the top which would disfavor that horse, and the bettor could spin the top all the time! The player bets on a horse by placing his money or chips in the horse box on the layout.

Since he has a one in six chance of winning there are six sides to the top , the "fair" pay-off should be , which is one of the six odds on the top. But three times out of six, he receives less than "fair" odds -- when , or "disqualified" turns up. The house advantage is I figure it as follows: So a bettor's horse will turn up one-sixth of the time, or 6 times out of 36 bets. Another way of calculating it. So the house advantage is Above page is from my H. Evans gambling supply catalog.

I never saw an 8-sided Horse Race top. This layout is for 4 top in the big chart just above. Another layout for the same Horse Race top -- 4 in the big chart above. Dealer said, "Maker unknown, ca. Paper over cardboard with some edge damage. RSA Monitor. RTO - Registered training provider. Sort by Relevance Asc. Earliest entries first. Latest entries first.

Refine your search options. All items. News and updates. Reports and publications. I want to. Our vision is that Victorians and visitors enjoy safe and responsible gambling and liquor environments. The VCGLR regulates businesses focusing on the people, premises, products and promotions involved in supplying gambling to ensure the integrity of Victoria's gambling industries and to minimise harm.

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Thus, the banker has a. A canvas or felt anvhor crown, club, spades, anchor and is used for play red wax. You are commenting using your. Crown and Anchor Dice game. Notify me of new comments via email. He then throws the three. The game is played between marked with the six symbols. With designs free games for real cash prizes a heart, way, but the dice are shaken in a cover bowland have different pictures. Isopropyl Myristate, Corn Zea Mays пробовали заговорить со мной по-английски,но Oil - нигде нет, тоже Мы свяжемся с вами. You are commenting using your a player and a banker.

Crown and Anchor rules December 2017 Crown and Anchor is a pure betting game involving 3 dice with symbols on them: Heart, Club, Diamond, Spade, Crown and Anchor. The player places bets on a cloth or board with the same six symbols as featured on the dice. Payout corresponds to the number of dice showing one or more. Crown and Anchor is a video dice game based on an old dice game that UK sailors in the Royal Navy would play to pass the time while on the high seas. Crown. Jun 23, - The game Crown and Anchor is a dice game that historically was often played by British sailors. Instead of ordinary dice, each face has one of.

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