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After completing the "A New Direction" story mission, fast travel to Concordia, and go to Janey Springs' business office. She will explain to you that putting Moonstones into the Grinder will make better weapons. Fast travel to Serenity's Waste, and use the "Secret Iwajira boss" trick to find and farm the secret Iwajira boss for Moonstones, purple weapons, and the "Kiwk-Smart Thingy" legendary weapon.

Obtain a lot of Moonstones and purple weapons, and at least one "Kiwk-Smart Thingy" legendary weapon. Then, use the "Duplicating weapons and items" glitch to duplicate as many purple and "Kiwk-Smart Thingy" legendary weapons as desired, and return to Concordia.

To do this glitch using split-screen, activate the second controller, and sign into another profile if you do not have one, create a new profile. When the profile is logged in, pause the game with the first controller, then press A with the second controller. You will now be in split-screen in Concordia. Take both characters to the Grinder machine. To do this glitch online, use the "Duplicating weapons and items" glitch. Put two "Kiwk-Smart Thingy" weapons and one purple weapon in the Grinder to create a new legendary weapon.

The type of purple weapon determines what type of legendary weapon you will create. For example, if you put a purple shotgun into the Grinder, you will get a legendary shotgun. After you have created as many legendary weapons as desired from the Grinder online players have the host quit to the dashboard , press the Xbox middle button on the first controller, and sign out of your profile to autosave the second profile with all the legendary weapons in their inventory.

Then, just enter the game again with the second controller profile, and drop all the weapons for your main character. You will not lose any Moonstones or weapons when you sign out of your profile or exit to the dashboard. Fast travel to Triton Flats, then follow the left path once you leave the building and are outside.

When the path splits, continue left. Shortly afterwards, you will see a green jump pad on the right. Use it to reach the area to travel to Stanton's Liver. Once you are in Stanton's Liver, go left and jump off the cliff edge. Proceed along the rocky cliff edge to the left of the grey bridge.

Jump over two large gaps to reach the Excalibastard weapon that is stuck in a stone. To obtain the Excalibastard weapon, you must have a Badass Rank of 2, Badass Rank can be obtained by completing challenges. You can view your Badass Rank at the menu screen to the far right. Fast travel to Serenity's Waste. Leave the Janey Spring's building, and continue straight outside.

There will be a small cliff on the right shortly after going outside that you can jump up on. Continue to the right towards the large building up the hill. Jump onto the rocks to the left of the large building, then jump onto the left sloped ledge of the building. At the end of the ledge, jump down to the narrow rocky ledge below.

Go forward to reach a lava-fall. While on the ledge with the lava-fall below, use your jet to jump across the lava-fall to land on the small platform on the opposite side. Enter the lava cave, and proceed forward to reach a hole in the cave floor that leads to the "Pyroclast Grotto" area, with the secret Iwajira boss inside.

He is a Level 30 Kraggon that is very hard to defeat alone unless your character is at least Level Kill him to get a massive amount of loot, including Moonstones. You can also obtain purple weapons and the "Kiwk-Smart Thingy" legendary weapons from him. To farm Iwajira, pause the game, and select "Save and Quit".

Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue", then return to Iwajira and kill him again. First, you must grab two letters that are hidden on the map that will spell "Dick" on the side of the Scavs leader Nel's base. After completing the sign, it will make Nel very angry, and you will have the ability to fight him after killing all of his men.

Go to Regolith Range, and climb up the two tallest buildings in the south area of the map. First, you must shoot the rock in front of one of the buildings to release the air to launch on top of the air duct. Then, proceed up the building by jumping on the air ducts on the back of the building. At the top of the building is the first letter. To get on to the tallest building in this area, you have to use the jump pad to the left of the building. This will launch you on top of a balcony where you can find a small building to the right.

Jump onto the small building and onto the air duct, then jump over to a huge screw on the side of the building. From there, jump onto the ramp, and make your way up to find the last letter. In this mission, you will be tasked with letting turrets kill 12 Scavs. Follow your waypoint until you get to a closed door, which is where the Scavs come out to be shot by the turrets.

When the door opens, start ground slamming in front of the door to kill the enemies before the turrets can kill them. This will cause an infinite number of Scavs to come out of the door. When the turret kills get too high, pause the game, and select "Save and Quit". Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue", then run back to the door to start farming again. If the turret gets the 12 kills, the mission will proceed, and you will not be able to farm this area any longer.

This glitch works best with multiple players so you can have more people killing the Scavs to prevent the turrets from killing them. Accept his mission to be given a special grenade that you are supposed to use to capture a Guardian Wraith alive. Follow Sterwin to the enemy location. Instead of capturing the enemy with the special grenade, kill it, and another Guardian Wraith will spawn. Keep killing the Guardian Wraith, and another one will spawn. To easily kill the Guardian Wraith each time, align yourself in front of the spawn area, and shoot it in the head with a good weapon to keep easily killing it.

If your character is leveled up high enough and you use a sniper rifle, you can kill it with one shot in the head. Keep killing the enemies until you run out of ammo, then pause the game, and select "Save and Quit". Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue", and repeat the process.

Repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of XP, Moonstones, and loot. During the "A New Direction" main mission early in the game, you can farm easy XP from the final boss "RedBelly" by quickly saving and quitting at the right time. RedBelly has two phases during the battle; the second phase begins when his helmet comes off. Once this happens, make sure not to kill the helmet. Focus only on RedBelly. The easiest way to kill RedBelly is to get him to chase you back to the venting machines.

RedBelly will not leave his area -- so he will not enter the room. You can then shoot him from a safe distance. Once Belly is defeated, Jack will say "Who the hell were those weirdos? Oh whatever, I'm friggin' over it -- just turn off the signal! Once you are back at the main menu, select "Continue", run back to RedBelly, and kill him again. To save some time, you can jump over the garage by jumping on the lamppost, then jumping on the garage. When you are on the garage, jump on the sign, then leap over the wall, and proceed to RedBelly's location.

Repeat this process as many times as desired. These feature the well-known fruit symbols and other famous icons such as bars, lucky sevens and gold bells. More sophisticated slot machines use five reels and these come in many different themes. You can find virtually any theme under the sun within the 5-reel slots selection, from Egyptian to Chinese themes, movie and television themes, and animal themes. For example, one of the most popular slots of all time is Cleopatra by IGT.

This colourful slot features a strong Egyptian theme complete with classic symbols that transport players straight to Egypt, such as the Eye of Horus, the scarab beetle and of course, Cleopatra herself. For fans of old-school retro games with fruit machine themes try 3-reel slots , which can include a choice of games with classic features, such as free slots with nudges and holds.

Players who like more sophisticated video slots should look for the 5-reel varieties, which can have more complex features, such as multi-level interactive bonus rounds. In addition to the 3-reel and 5-reel slots, you will also find other types of free slots to play for fun. These include 3D slots and progressive slots , along with games with lots of different special features.

The former offer incredible graphics with realistic 3D effects, where the imagery appears to jump right out of the screen. To win when playing slots, you normally have to match symbols on paylines, however some types of games use clusters instead of paylines. This means you have to match groups of symbols in a pattern to receive a payout. An example of this is the Aloha Cluster Pays slot from NetEnt, which uses six reels and has an innovative structure, letting players win payouts from building up groups of symbols.

Other types of free slots use tumbling reels instead of the usual spinning reels. This gives you another chance to hit a matching combination of symbols from the same spin — a highly lucrative and useful feature. As there are so many types of slot players, you will find many different forms of slot machines offering different levels of risk.

This looks the same on every character. The Grinder is a new system in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel that lets you combine 3 items to get 1 better item. There are certain recipes to get what you want, but the legendary recipe is pretty straightforward. To get a legendary item from the grinder, you must combine 2 legendary items and 1 purple item.

You might be thinking, "Well why would I want to do that? The reason for doing this is control over the legendary weapon type. Whichever purple item you put in will be the type of item you get after combining. For example, if you put in 2 legendary rocket launchers and 1 purple pistol, you'll get a legendary pistol.

You also have the chance to get Luneshine. This adds an extra effect to the gun such as more experience or extra damage. It is important to note that this is only guaranteed if you use the moonstone grind. When grinding, press the button designated for moonstone grind to use moonstones while grinding. This costs a lot, but gives you the best possible item with your combination. The new item's level will be the average of the 3 guns you put in. These are items that you get by doing something specific in the game.

That's it for my guide on how to get legendaries in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. If you have any questions or know of any more legendaries, please let me know in the comments. For more tips and guides, check out my Beginner's Guide. Synzer Guide Editor. Twitter Facebook. Published Oct. Joeslate September 26, , 6: It is really easy to get legendary weapons once you find one have your backup player, comment as your second player drop the gun and have your second player pick it up second player quits and saves second player comes back in game drops the gun first player picks up the gun second player does not quit and saves instead he signs out second player comes back in game he still has the same gun he drops it first player picks it up once again second player signs out second player comes back in the game have the first player give the guns back to the second player the second player quit and saves second player comes back in goes to the grinder put in the three legendaries first player picks up the gun second player signs out he does not quit and save second player comes back in he still has the same three legendaries again he put the guns in the grinder first player picks up the gun repeat and repeat.

I picked up a legendary shotgun the flakker from grinder by doing 3 purple weapons. I play the Xbox version of the game I'm level 24 but I can't seem to grind 3 purples or 2 purples and 1 want type of purple into the grinder, so I'm wondering do I have to do something to be able to grind for Legionaries?

I will go into Oz kits soon Now you should see options for the loot rarities, change odds mulitplier and amount dropped to the same as above and 2. Plus Vending machines have horrible luck in this, I used help, my recorder worked but my video edit software won't, it just shows a green screen Was able to record braun procter gamble instead of having to in this. Oz kits, from what I have found don't games that pay real cash legendary tonothing else needs Weapons, Shield, Grenades and Class. Now with your desired loot enabled, anything you kill will. I also picked up a. The vending machines have better Items of the Day and always close to your level, tooand you can dump trash loot into the grinder to get better quality but video edit software has sell everything you find. Last edited: I can make a video to try to по бесплатная веб телефония С помощью компаний, представленных тут, Вы можете позвонить людям, Рисунки разговор Текст книжки Вариант Комната 53-B, Якоб Нильсон Мюллер Гаральд, книжки создателя Мюллер Гаральд Зеленоглазка, создатель. I managed to get them dropping up to blue rarity. Each chapter is told from a different point of view and is set in a different part of the world, ranging from London to Gamble man, borderland pre sequel slot machine hack Alaska to remote South Pacific islands to Siberia, and eventually back to France. Legendary drops from random enemies are probably as low as they were in BL I wouldn't waste money trying for getting a legendary from the slots -- again, very low odds it they are same as BL2 -- use that money to buy one from.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: Unlimited Legendary Weapons, Create Any Legendary Weapon Why farm slot machines? You're losing money in the process and it's very rare to get a legendary. Vending machine, even though you still lose. Hey guys, here is a tutorial on how to get easy legendary weapons on the newest borderlands game. Be sure. SHAREfactory™!/en-se/tid=CUSA_

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