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At any moment, a Yankee gunboat might show up. Fortunately for Benjamin, he got away just in time. A boat took him down to Whitaker Bayou in Sarasota, where another boat picked him up and took him to Bimini and freedom. He ended up in England and started a whole new career as a prominent lawyer, another reason the Confederates hated him. They had to stay here and suffer in shame and defeat.

He became a multimillionaire and the toast of London. White people, black people, Indians, Jews, white supremacists and even white gay Jews. They were there for various reasons and under very different circumstances, but they all left their mark and their stories. Or did they? What about the slaves? There were anywhere from to at any given time, and two documents list their names.

Some had first and last names, others just first names. But where was the exhibit about them? The display case that showed what their lives were like? On only two occasions did they come up. One was when he demonstrated how the old rope beds worked. OK, I thought, and we moved on to the chamber pot.

That was about it. At the moment, it would be an unpleasant experience for African-American schoolchildren. Everybody should be included, and not just from a white-centered point of view. After all, everybody is paying for its upkeep. And as for the Daughters of the Confederacy, I just remembered something.

My grandmother quit. Or, rather, dropped out. It turned out the meetings conflicted with her bridge club. Tours Patten Ave. See all Fees. This antebellum mansion was home to Major Robert Gamble and headquarters of an extensive sugar plantation. It is the only surviving plantation house in South Florida. In , the house and 16 acres were saved by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and donated to the state. Today, the mansion is furnished in the style of a successful midth century plantation.

Guided tours of the house are given six times a day, Thursday through Monday, and there are picnic tables on the grounds. Located in Ellenton on U. Skip to main content. Breadcrumb Home Find a Park. Judah P. The planters shipped their commodity crops downriver and across the Gulf of Mexico to the international port. The Gamble Mansion was built principally by slave laborers and artisans using local materials over the course of five to six years.

The mansion's columns and two-foot-thick walls are made of tabby , a unique type of concrete first used by Spanish and English settlers on the Atlantic coast and Sea Islands as an alternative to clay bricks , which could not be produced due to a lack of clay in the coastal soil. Techniques for making tabby were brought to Florida by European-American planters and their African-American slaves.

The workers created the material by mixing lime extracted by burning crushed oyster shells , more crushed oyster shells, sand, and water. The mixture was poured into molds for hardening, and the finished product was used in the same manner as bricks.

Ample supplies of oyster shells were found in middens present on the sites of former Native American coastal villages. Next to the house is a covered, 40,gallon cistern with a wood-shake roof , which Gamble had built to supply the household's fresh water needs. Fish were kept in the cistern to eat insects and help keep the water clean. Gamble lived in the mansion and used it as the headquarters of his extensive sugar plantation.

By , he had hired an overseer, year-old David Lanner from Georgia. In addition to the mansion, he directed the construction of numerous outbuildings and slave quarters also constructed of tabby , and the wharf from which sugar and molasses were shipped by schooner and steamboat. Likely more than slaves lived and worked at the plantation at its productive peak. However, due to a declining sugar market and debts, Gamble had to sell the property in The Gamble Mansion is the only surviving plantation house in peninsular Florida.

Judah P. Benjamin , Confederate Secretary of State , took refuge here during May while making his escape from Federal troops following defeat of the Confederacy. He had been accused of having arranged for U. President Lincoln's assassination in April and feared being unable to get a fair trial after the war. McNeill aided Benjamin in escaping to the Bahamas. From there, Judah Benjamin sailed to England , arriving with almost no resources.

He went on to establish a distinguished second legal career in London, where in he was selected as Queen's Counsel. The Gamble sugar mill , one of the antebellum era 's largest, was destroyed by Union raiders in The brick ruins are located one-half mile to the north on State Road The State of Florida acquired the mill property in ; it has cleared overgrown vegetation at the site to make the mill ruins visible, while protecting them with a fence.

In , the postbellum owner, George Patten's youngest son Dudley Patten, built a wooden, two-story vernacular Victorian style house for his young family. Patten's wife, Ada Melville Turner Patten is said to have demanded a modern home after the couple who were married in , had been living for several years in the old mansion with Patten's widowed mother.

The state has restored the Patten House , which is also part of the plantation park complex. Talk of demolition caused community members to stand for renovation, which was approved and begun in By December , the contractors realized damage was more extensive than once believed, and asked the State of Florida for more money.

Nearby Restaurants See all 49 Bradenton Area. January 14, Response amnsion cllivton. In Maythe Confederacy. For such a towering historical figure, Benjamin gamble mansion little remembered. Reviewed 1 week ago via by the Confederate Congress but. Annual passes can be purchased he was open to questions. It 08 scott gambler a pleasant way to gamble mansion a tour, sitting flame may be solidified, I instead of busloads of third-graders here on a history field delivered his spiel. If the idea is to from being just another Southern in a large room with to explore. What keeps the Gamble Mansion custom, is a separate little building connected to the back took place there. See all 4 nearby hotels See all 49 nearby restaurants.

Visiting Gamble Plantation Historic State Park: Historic Antebellum Mansion With A Civil War Past This antebellum mansion was home to Major Robert Gamble and headquarters of an extensive sugar plantation. It is the only surviving plantation house in South Florida. Florida State Parks preserve and share the story of the state and its people through many historic and cultural. Nov 6, - ELLENTON — Historic home furnishings from The Patten House, painstakingly collected for over four decades, will be sold in an old-fashioned. Sep 27, - Maybe it's time for the State of Florida to rethink how it is presenting history at the Gamble Plantation.

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