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On the freighter boat in Camano Place, there is a missing ship list pinned to the wall casino vkontakte the top floor of the cockpit.

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Handle Holes Ambient Temperature: Pad-Guard-Stacker Desiccant Protection tape Protection tape 4 places 2 places 2 Press down the open button to open the top cover. Lever Blue 5 Close the top cover. Place a paper holder on the printer Paper holder Attach the quick guide bag Quick guidance Quick guide bag Vent hole Note!

Make sure to attach the bag to the place it does not cover vent hole. Same procedure for the tray 2, 3, 4 and 5 as of tray 1. Alternate Current AC: Be certain the power switch is placed in the OFF O position. Power supply cord 2 Insert the power supply cord into the receptacle socket. The internal hard disk may be damaged and unusable if the printer is switched off immediately. Adding the extension memory may reduce the frequency of errors. Before taking a memory out of bag, remove the electric static by bringing the bag into contact with the metal part of printer.

Plug in a power supply cord and a printer cable then press the power supply button. Print cable Power supply cord 8. Print the Menu Map to see if installed correctly. Re-install if an error appears on the Menu Map. Not only option tray has one layer but three layers tray, which combine into one tray. It is possible for option tray to install maximum of four layers, but ive if the standard tray is included.

Put the bottom surface of printer on the tray 2 aligning the protrusion with the cut on the bottom. The printer weighs about 77 kg. Lift it by three or more persons. Cut on bottom Print a menu map to see if installed correctly. Re-install if an error appears on the menu map.

C C 5. Set up for the option tray by a printer driver. Do the reverse procedure from installation for removal. More memory is required for duplex-printing. Open and remove the cover toward the direction seen in igure. Keep it until the duplex-print unit is removed. Make sure that the rail posts on both sides of duplex-print unit are locked.

Rail post C C 8. Set up for duplex-print unit on the icon. Removal of Duplex- Print Unit 1. Turn off the power. Hold the lever both sides and pull the unit until it stops. Remove it with holding unit up-wards. Duplex unit Lever Lever 2 place Lever Memo: Install the cover, which is held in custody after the removal of duplex-print unit. Hold a lock lever of internal hard disk.

Lock lever For Printer Model 4. Set an internal hard disk itting to "HDD" line. Plug the power supply cord and the printer cable in and switch on the power supply. Prepare the LAN cable. Turn off the printer and personal computer. As seen in igure below, make a circle with a straight cable, which is about 3cm from the connector of printer. Prepare a USB cable. Prepare a cable. Prepare a parallel cable. Power off Printer and Personal Computer 3. Connect Personal Computer and Printer 1 Connect a parallel cable into a parallel interface connector of printer and use metal ittings to secure the cable.

Setting values of the operation Note that only the disassembling procedures are described to replace parts. To assemble parts, just follow the steps in reverse order of disassembling. Move the two stoppers sideways and take them off. Unscrew screw , remove the hinges, and then remove Cover-Guard R. Refer to Section 4. Remove the covers concerned. Unscrew 8 screws Unscrew screw , remove Frame-Duct , then remove the connector remove the connector through the shaft Remove the 2 hinges, then remove the Job-Offset-Assy , and disconnect the con- nector.

Remove the Cover and remove the two connectors Pin and Pin 2. Remove the Cover-Middle. The printer is adjusted by key operation on the Maintenance Utility and the Operator Panel. The C comes with a Maintenance Menu in the usual menu. Select the menu according to the items to adjust and the purpose of adjustment. OPEN L: Front door Sns H: Front door SW H: Other test patterns are stored in the controller.

Test Print Sheets Unit: It will go into normal self-diagnosis. Panel Switch press Model: Color drift adjustment and correction is constantly necessary. This will result in an error in life management until the next unit replacement time. Be careful of this dif ference. Program version 1: Rev 1 2: Rev 2 HDD type 1: Set this if there is any problem with the density. A valid BPX username and password may be required to view the okiDoc via the link above.

Screw adjusted by using precision screwdriver flatbed. The user shall be held responsible in periodically replacing these consumable parts. Personal injuries may occur. Do not touch it. The Fuser Unit is very hot. Three Feed Rollers are provided for each tray. Cleaning method for the Trays 1 to 5 Trays 2 to 5 are optional is different from that for the Multipurpose Tray.

Clean the three Feed Rollers using a soft wet cloth. If it is hard to wipe the roller, put your hand from the Tray 1 Side Cover. Paper Guide Paper Support 3 Move the lever on the right of the Multipurpose Tray at the joint of the tray and the printer into the position as shown below. Lever 5 Just as in 3 above, move the lever on the left of the Multipurpose Tray at the joint of the tray and the printer into the position as shown below. Lever 15 Move the lever into the position below.

Learn from the customer the details on when malfunction occurs. Inspect the state that closely resembles the state of a malfunction. Service Call nnn: Error nnn is an Error code. When a service call is displayed, the error code and accompanying error information is displayed on the bottom row of the LCD. Properly mount Is the applicable location of the Error Motor Error Fuser FAN Error Turn ON power again. Error High Temperature 2 Does the Error take place Error after print statistic is set to ON.

Is there any error in the operational Check the manual usage access error procedures? Error Clock Frequency Error is not correct. Execute proper repairs according to the message indicated on the LCD. This indicates a problem has occurred in the AS3 board during its initialization.

With flash memory and fanless design, this PC is built for cloud computing on the go Windows productivity: Experience your digital world with the crystal-clear HD display Flash memory: Your system runs quietly with a design that eliminates the fan BeatsAudio: Enjoy immediate, always-on, self-help support built right into your PC, for the life of your PC, absolutely free Netflix: See product details View larger.

Sleek design with micro-suede interior provides padded protection. Full specifications Operating system: Windows 8. Up to 6 hours and 30 minutes Weight: HP finish in natural silver with a modern silver keyboard dock Actual products may vary from images shown. Free cloud storage: Experience the crystal-clear HD display Compare with similar items.

Product information Technical Details. Other Technical Details. Technical Specification Warranty [pdf ]. You may return any new computer purchased from Amazon. Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer tampering will result in the customer being charged a higher restocking fee based on the condition of the product.

New, used, and refurbished products purchased from Marketplace vendors are subject to the returns policy of the individual vendor. Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here [PDF ]. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention hard drive battery life beats audio quad core web browsing solid state year old build quality web surfing recovery partition trackpad pretty good cloud storage microsoft office macbook air operating system stream 14 quad waste of money microsoft word internet connection. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Verified Purchase. It's fanless. This alone may be the greatest perk of using this notebook. There are no moving parts inside to rattle or wear out, and you don't have to be concerned about intakes picking up dust, lint, or pet hair, and there are no heatsink grilles to clean.

Under heavy use, you can feel heat radiating through the bottom chassis, opposite the QWAS keys, but not enough to be of any discomfort through clothing. This notebook is very lightweight - not even 4 pounds. The bottom chassis is heavy enough to not tip back with the display fully open. Five rubber feet and one plastic gap bar on the underside of the notebook keep it from sliding or rattling on a desk or table.

The top edge of the lid is plastic, which allows the bluetooth and WiFi antennas to operate with minimum interference. WiFi performance is on par with any other laptop I've used, and it shows much stronger signals than my Galaxy Nexus phone a few inches away. Battery life is excellent. Desktop performance is good. Chrome launches in seconds, and scrolls smoothly with tabs open. Office will install and run smoothly, but after updates there's very little free space left.

It doesn't lock completely flush inside the body, but it's in far enough that I've never ejected it accidentally. Fedora 21 runs very smoothly on this machine, but you'll want a USB ethernet adapter at least for installation - the BroadCom wifi driver has to be installed manually. Tiny embedded storage. The 32GB internal storage is divided into 3 partitions: The Recovery partition is not removable, even after you've created USB recovery media.

DISKPART won't remove it because it's in use, and using third-party utilities to remove it will cause Windows to immediately bluescreen and become unbootable. Grainy display and glare. The display is glossy, and prone to show glare in bright light.

The display also has a noticeably wider pixel pitch than most displays on more expensive notebooks. It doesn't affect usability in any way. The speakers sound like tiny laptop speakers. Beats-branded EQ presets don't change this appreciably. Set your expectations accordingly.

The touchpad's default settings will move windows all over the place. I had to turn most of the features off to make it behave in a predictable way. The build quality is lacking in a few places that don't affect usability, but they make the otherwise nice notebook feel cheap. Specifically, on mine, I noticed that: This causes left-clicking require a different amount of pressure than right-clicking, and the raised edges scrape my wrists a little while typing.

This isn't especially noticeable except at the corners and on the left edge where the power LED bleeds through the gap. These aren't really pros or cons, just things to be aware of when you purchase The 3. You can use normal headphones to listen, but you'll need a Y-cable adapter to use the microphone on traditional 2-plug analog PC headsets.

There is no integrated Ethernet jack on this notebook. If you need one, buy it separately. I wanted to wait until Windows 10 came out because I knew it would be a make or break for this product. I have messed around a lot with this product over the last little while because I wanted to make sure it was worth keeping, or if I should send it back. I could barely find any current information on the product anywhere on the internet and it seems as if HP doesn't make it anymore so I wanted to be sure it could hold up in the coming years.

Hopefully my findings will help any future or current owners of this product as there's not much help out there for discontinued products. The Stream 14 is a great little product, that with the right tweaks can make it feel like a top dollar one. I love how it practically weighs nothing, runs the full windows system and has a pretty nice keyboard, sound system and screen. While its made of cheap products it really doesn't feel that way when you get to using it.

The web camera is pretty awful Don't expect to do a million things on this little "netbook", but do expect a great fully functioning Windows PC that boots up fast and is great for smaller tasks I haven't tried games on it, though I've heard they do surprisingly well on it. Now for the tips: I bought mine refurbished with Windows 8.

Right out of the box the HP Stream 14 is pretty unusable, I struggled trying to get it to connect to the internet and found that it was due to an outdated and faulty Wifi Adapter that could barely pick up any Wifi Signals. So you will need a USB and an internet connection from another computer to manually download the driver update from HP's Website-- searching for the product you will find a list of the most current drivers. After updating the Wifi worked perfectly and I was ready to start the nightmare of downloading the most current updates Pre-Windows Depending on if you're going to stick with Windows 8.

Out of the box the system files take up more than half of the already limited space so you'll want to make the most of it. I was really worried about this because under Windows 8. Even with no documents or files on the computer I had no space to do anything a MicroSD and USB are worthless as far as installing updates to this computer If you're going to stick with Windows 8. Go ahead and download whichever of the updated drivers you see fit HP Highly recommends the Audio Driver and the Graphics Driver as that will give you the Beats Audio features and some updates to the screen.

I would also update touch pad as it seemed to work better after the update. As for the rest of Windows Updates-- they basically will fill up the remaining space on your already small eMMC card so I would be picky on which ones you install. If you're like me you like to install all the updates you can- but like I said earlier its nearly impossible on this system. The problem is that the recovery partition takes up half the system even though 5 GB of partition are free they can't be added to the main C: I read that the recovery partition on this particular device couldn't be removed as it included files needed to boot up the computer.

However in trying to make room to install Windows 10 I was successful in deleting it without affect the boot up as far as I could tell. I don't know if an update made that possible or what the case was but you can move the recovery partition to a USB and see if that works for you.

If so you will have a lot more of a much needed breathing room. If you're updating to Windows Set it up first as Windows 8. There isn't enough space so it will download all the files and then won't be able to install them. After you are able to update to Windows 10 you can do a fresh install and delete the remaining Windows 8. Just like with Windows 8. Luckily or unluckily Windows 10 will update the rest of your drivers when you scan for Windows Updates-- oddly even after installing the Wifi Driver manually it reverted back to an older one, it still worked but not very well.

I had to go into Wifi Adapter settings and search for an update. I'm not sure why but that's what I had to do and Wifi worked great again. I almost gave up on this laptop, I didn't want to because I liked it so much and was really glad I held on until Windows 10 because it has made it so much better. There's also an option coming out in future update to give the ability to save Apps on an MicroSD so that will give you even more space. HP Stream 14 despite being discontinued is a great for if you can find it at a bargain price.

Also I'm really impressed with the battery life on this!! I've been using it for web browsing and playing a little solitaire and I can go unplugged for a good part of the day. So yep still think this is a great product once you get past all the update issues!!

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Flash Tutorial 76 Slot Machine Part 3 slot machine as3 free download. Booked A web-based calendar and resource scheduling system that allows administered management of reservati. slotmachine - AS3 Slot Machine. AS3 Slot Machine. Simple Machines Forum - Elegant, Effective and Powerful. Sep 9, - Simple jackpot slot machine script. / Published in: ActionScript 3. URL: Expand | Embed | Plain Text.

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