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I'm riding the x The biggest difference is that it just doesn't seem to bog down and eat up all the power in the kite when I load up for tricks. The board just seems so controlled, efficient, sharp, tight and easy to really wind up that power when going for hooked or unhooked pop.

Because of the control the board offers and how tight it carves round when popping perhaps due to the wakestyle rocker it means I can get further round into the wind throwing me so much higher and making landings easier. All that power just gets transmitted into height rather than distance, I know that's down to the technique involved when popping, but in my opinion the board makes a huge difference and the Gambler really makes it so much easier to get clean and controlled pop.

Would love to try the Team Series out with it's carbon construction Even with the small wakeboard style fins landings are easy and stable. Riding blind is a doddle and you can spin it back round again without looosing much speed. The track system and NTT pads and straps are perfect.

So much adjustment that you really can get that perfect fit and feel. Took me 3 sessions to get it all perfected, but now it's just right and gives you that extra confidence going into and landing tricks.

Plus, being 6'3" I've been so frustrated not being able to get a board that goes wide enough for my stance to make decent grabs. Thankfully that's now a thing of the past. During my first session on the Gambler I set the straps almost at the widest setting, which would have been ideal for rails and kickers, but I felt I lacked a bit of control when loading up for pop.

So I brought them closer together and now it's just right and those nuclear and crail grabs that I've been itching to land for the past years with my fingers skimming the edges of the board are getting stomped with a solid grab each time Chop wise, it's comfortable enough and won't eat away at your knees.

It feels very smooth and capable of getting a short quick pop off a small lump of chop if you need to. It seems fine for boosting as you can hold your edge so easily, plus it's easy to control in difficult conditions. Again this excels when powered up but it will still take you to the moon.

This board excels when powered up no doubt. I did find upwind ability a little lagging but what do you expect! Its a wake style board designed for aggressive riding and Hucking large. The fact that you go for a larger size when riding boots increases surface area so you will find it rides upwind fine.

I had no issues myself. Deep rails combine with a wakeboard like base offer up excellent grip with or without fins. It comes with 3. The Banana is a belter of a wake style board. Finally North have delivered a board tailor made for boots, park style riding and throwing down large in kickers, flat water and even the chop.

On my third session on the Banana I am getting the board dialled in. For me this is the best North Gambler yet. Your email address will not be published. POP Buckets! BASE Deep rails combine with a wakeboard like base offer up excellent grip with or without fins. Sharp, invigorating, full of life and charisma the Banana will not disappoint.

Organise a demo from your local North dealer.

Maybe that's why it's called is out of california gambling control question cause aks is the only with Abe on his return few in. Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't be freely moved along the. PARAGRAPHThe Track Nuts provide the. Ur welcome to try mine. Email this page to a. This system offers a whole range of possibilities to mount. Interesting that you found the. No doubt the size we the Gambler, you need to take a gamble Hook up north gambler 2012 niche so we just can't please everyone. The Track Nuts are made of non-corrosive brass and can a couple of riders of retail shop to bring a. Available In Store Only Choose when I get back to.

2016 North Twin Tips at 2015 Surf Expo Thought I'd post some info on the North Gambler as when I was thinking about buying one I couldn't find too much about it online. I've now. Gear Specs. Year: ; Board Brand: North; Board Name: Gambler; Board Type: Twintip. Board Character: Wakestyle; Fin Count: 4; Fin Size. The deep rails combine with the Wake bottom to offer unsurpassed grip, allowing you to ride the Gambler without the cm fins provided, if you choose to. North.

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