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Check out her current jewelry to get an idea of what she may like. What is her personality? Is she more reserved? Something with simple elegance may suit her well. Or does she love being the center of attention?

Then she'll probably appreciate a ring with major bling like a halo. Does she have a color preference? You'll also need to decide on the metal. Silver colored bands white gold or platinum are the most popular nowadays. They will always be trendy and classy. However, if you know she has more vintage tastes, she may prefer yellow gold or rose gold. Read about the differences between white gold and yellow gold. What is her lifestyle and career?

This actually has a huge impact. If she is very active, a high-set ring that's always getting caught on stuff will become super annoying. If she works with children, a ring with sharp corners won't be ideal. If she has a high-power career, it may be more important to wear something flashier. Think about her work and hobbies and what kind of ring will best suit that.

What is her finger and hand type? Does she have tiny slender fingers? Or larger chubby ones? Long or short? Don't forget to consider her hand type! Believe it or not, ring styles make a difference to how flattering it looks on the hand. Read our guide on the most flattering rings for every hand type. As you can see, there is a lot to consider! Are you overwhelmed yet? Don't worry, in the next sections, we'll go more in detail on how to pick the right diamond and ring for her.

The first thing you want to do is decide on the shape of the diamond. This should reflect her personality. Here are some general ideas:. This will always be the most timeless and classic shape. Perfect for the girl with traditional tastes. If you are really clueless about what she likes, it's hard to go wrong with round. Edgy and contemporary, yet still feminine and delicate, this is perfect for the trendy girl. Quickly becoming one of the most popular cuts, the cushion or pillow cut is great for the girl just slightly on the edge of convention.

Oval diamonds are for the girl who appreciates tradition, but also wants to express individuality. They also make a woman's finger look longer and more slender. Just like this shape, the wearer of a pear diamond is elegant but also has a lot of character.

This is for the girl who loves attention and who's not afraid to stand out. A marquise diamond screams to be seen. The ultimate vintage cut, an emerald diamond is sophisticated and exudes old-world glamour. Perfect for the girl who loves all things art-deco. The asscher diamond can be seen as a 21st-century update to the emerald.

It's square-shaped and more sparkly. Ideal for the girl with vintage tastes, but also with modern flair. Somewhat a cross between the round brilliant, princess, and asscher cuts, the radiant diamond is for a girl just as unique as this cut is.

It's also a good choice for active girls who prefer a square shaped diamond. Who else but for the hardcore romantics? A heart shaped diamond is super sweet, just like her. To learn about each shape, read our full guide on diamond shapes , including special tips to watch out for with each. You need to diligently do your homework and study up on the 4Cs. Diamonds can run from a few hundred dollars all the way up to millions of bucks.

These 4Cs are the major factors that influence the price. What you want is to find a balance to get best value. Carat Weight: The carat weight has the largest impact on the diamond's final price tag. This is not to be confused with 'karat', which measures gold purity. Diamonds are priced on a per-carat basis. The more carats a diamond has, the larger it is and therefore, the more expensive. Of course, the other C's also play a part.

The more refined each of these features is, the more pricey the diamond. Buy a carat weight just under the magic numbers. The magic numbers are 0. If you go just below one of the magic numbers, you can save a lot of money. But going down to just 0. And the most unbelievable thing? A 1-carat diamond has a 6. That's a difference of 0. Who can tell a difference? This is the most important factor.

The cut determines how brilliant the stone appears. It refers to how well the diamond's proportions reflect light. A poorly proportioned diamond will leak light and appear dull. Even the most flawless, colorless diamond will be dull if the cut is poor.

On the other hand, a diamond lower in color and clarity will sparkle brilliantly with an ideal cut. The GIA rates a diamond's cut in one of five ways: In our opinion, go for Excellent cut if you can. Or if you truly cannot afford it, then Very Good. Remember that the cut has the single biggest impact on the diamond's appearance, so don't skimp on it. Instead, save your money in the areas of color and clarity.

For brilliantly cut diamonds, check out our Whiteflash and Brian Gavin reviews. We highly recommend these two online retailers for super ideal cut diamonds. Both are created by Brian Gavin, one of the most reputable jewelers in the world known for his exacting cut techniques. Each diamond comes with light performance data that shows you how much light is reflected back. This refers to the number of imperfections or "inclusions" that can be found in an individual stone.

You'll pay more for fewer flaws. Clarity is graded by looking at a diamond under 10x magnification and seeing what kind of flaws are visible. FL Grade Flawless: A completely flawless diamond. IF Grade Internally Flawless: A diamond with tiny surface blemishes that are only visible under 10x magnification. The diamond has very, very small inclusions that are hard to find under 10x magnification. They are only visible to trained professionals after intense searching.

Diamonds with flaws that are more visible under magnification but most likely not to the naked eye. Inclusions are very easily seen under magnification and may also be visible to the naked eye. This is the lowest grade of clarity for engagement ring diamonds. Flaws are visible even to the casual observer. It may have larger flaws that affect transparency or brilliance. Our suggestions: VS2 diamonds offer a lot of bang for the buck. They have minor inclusions that are difficult to see to the naked eye.

Most likely, it will be eye-clean. It's a good choice most of the time. But if you are buying an emerald or asscher diamond , you'd want to upgrade to VS1. This is because these shapes have a large open table into the depth of the diamond, which makes any flaws more visible. If you are buying a larger diamond over 2 carats , also consider VS1. Larger diamonds means flaws can be more easily seen. Stay away from I1 diamonds, though it is not impossible but very difficult to find eye-clean ones.

This is when it's useful to shop at retailers like James Allen. Each diamond has a degree HD video. That way, you can examine the diamond in detail to see if it's eye-clean. Most white diamonds do have a yellow tint due to trace amounts of nitrogen. Completely colorless diamonds are very rare. D-F Grades: These diamonds are considered to be completely colorless, which also means they're the rarest and the most expensive.

G-J Grades: Stones in these are categorized as nearly colorless. But we'd say that at J, the yellow tint becomes slightly more apparent. K-M Grades: At these grades, the diamonds will have a faint yellowish tint that even the casual admirer might pick up. N-R Grades: The color begins to be more obvious at this level with a very light yellow hue. S-Z Grades: Color concentration is greatest in stones at this level where a definite light yellow to brown tone is visible. Don't confuse the yellow tint with a yellow diamond.

A true yellow diamond is known as a Fancy Colored Diamond and is more expensive. Colored diamonds also come in shades of pink, blue, green, purple, orange, and red. Diamond in the G-J near colorless range offer a good value. The average eye cannot detect the slight yellow tint without a side-by-side comparison. H color diamonds are a good choice in most cases. But if you are considering emerald or asscher shape , it's best to go up another grade to G.

Because these cuts do not reflect light as much, so color is more easily seen. Shapes like oval, pear, and marquise trap color at their tips. We recommend H at the lowest. And G if the diamond is larger well over 1 carat. If you are looking at yellow gold or rose gold bands, you can safely go down to J or K in color. The color of the bands is beautiful with a warmer-toned diamond. This is a very fast crash course on the 4Cs.

For a more detailed guide, we strongly suggest you take some time to read our guide on what affects diamond prices. We show you real examples of how the factors affect cost and how much you can save. Blue Nile: James Allen: These are the world's two most trusted laboratories. If you're having trouble choosing a diamond, many online retailers offer customer support from their in-house diamond experts. James Allen even offers a real time diamond consultation where you can get advice as you're considering your options.

Once you've settled on a certified diamond, the next step is to pick out the right setting. It's important that the setting reflects her personal style. If you already have a loose diamond and just need a setting, you can just purchase a setting from James Allen. The size and shape of the diamond The color of the diamond The metal your significant other prefers Her lifestyle and personal tastes How it coordinates with the wedding band.

Diamonds can chip and break. Consider your future wife's lifestyle when choosing a setting. Over time, the diamond may also become duller due to exposure to dirt, sweat, makeup and other environment factors. Regular cleaning is a good idea, but be careful not to use any harsh chemicals. Cleaning your diamond over the drain is just an accident waiting to happen. The classic prong setting is the best for showcasing the diamond.

Both 4-prong or 6-prongs are popular. The downside is that this setting leaves the stone more exposed to potential chips. In this setting, a metal rim surrounds the diamond for a contemporary look. This is a good choice for active girls, nurses, and those who work in childcare as it protects the stone.

However, the wrong color metal can accentuate any existing tint in the stone. The diamond is suspended between the two band ends for a unique, modern look. But this setting has to be custom-sized, which makes a surprise proposal out of the question. This setting makes the center stone pop by featuring small diamonds on each side of the band. Keep in mind there's more potential to lose one this way. This setting has a band of small diamonds set into a "channel".

A halo setting has a ring of small diamonds around the center stone. This popular setting makes the center stone appear larger. It's a relatively inexpensive way to get a ring with massive bling. It's also great for the girl with slightly vintage tastes. Three stone: This setting has two slightly smaller stones on either side of the center diamond all same shape - the most popular are round or princess.

The three stones represent the past, present, and future of the relationship. It's best for girls who like meaning and sentimentality. A cluster setting groups several smaller diamonds together to give the appearance of one large stone. You'll save money on the diamonds because multiple smaller stones cost less than one large one. This is also great for vintage style rings. This includes the shape of the diamond and setting.

Both of those should reflect her personal style. Does your girlfriend prefer white gold, yellow gold, or platinum? Many people prefer gold as it's usually easier to resize than platinum. If you go with gold, 14k may offer a better value than 18k. For most non-experts, it's difficult to tell the difference with the naked eye.

Learn more about the pros and cons of each. If you want the look of a diamond i. This rare natural mineral is literally a space rock. It was first discovered in a meteor crater a century ago. Of course, natural moissanite is incredibly rare, so what's available today is laboratory-created. Moissanite has similar properties to a diamond in terms of brilliance and hardness.

That's how it has become a fairly popular, budget-friendly "diamond alternative". Type of sparkle: A diamond displays brilliance colorless sparkles caused by reflecting light , fire rainbow sparkles , and scintillation flashes of light on the surface. All three together contributes to the diamond's sparkle. Moissanite displays incredible fire, more than any other gemstone. This means that moissanite creates more rainbow sparkles than colorless sparkles.

You can especially notice this in sunlight. Some people love this, while others think it's a bit too much and looks "fake". Moissanite is just a fraction of the price of a diamond. Moissanite is a gorgeous gem in its own right. It is not meant to be thought of as a fake diamond.

Enjoy moissanite for the beautiful properties it has. The cheaper price point is just a bonus! When moissanite was discovered in , it was the most brilliant gem ever to have been unearthed. Its brilliance and fire far surpassed that of a diamond's, causing amazed scientists to name it a gem "born from the stars".

Unlike moissanite, this man-made material is basically a fake diamond. It's a way cheaper alternative that performs almost exactly like a diamond. It's very difficult for the average person to tell the difference. You'd have to perform some tests or use a loupe a jeweler's magnifying glass. The selling point of cubic zirconia is that they are virtually colorless the perfect D and flawless the perfect F.

The ring in question features an enormous rectangle-cut diamond set in a simple band, and would make sense as an engagement ring, since Jenner and Gamble have been dating for more than four years. That said, the year-old has previously expressed her reluctance to walk down the aisle again.

So I don't know. She went on to imply that she'd be happy to live with Gamble in unwedded bliss for the foreseeable future, saying, "I'm going to take a page out of Goldie and Kurt's book, or Kourtney's book. I just think as long as things are going so well, why ruffle it up? See more: By Andrea Park. Courtesy of that trickster James Corden. Here are the top places to buy an engagement ring you should not ignore: James Allen for the best place to buy an engagement ring online Blue Nile for the best diamond selection Whiteflash for the best quality diamonds Costco for the best value Tiffany for the best in-person customer service.

Pricing Value: The same ring can cost wildly different amounts depending on where you buy it. Knowing you're getting the best value for your purchase is key. You've probably been saving up for this moment, and want only the best for your future spouse. A wide selection, for both diamond and setting, can have a major influence in your decision. Customer Experience: A positive experience means more than be treating well while you shop.

From return policies to repair speeds, customer service matters when choosing where to buy your engagement ring. Before you begin, there's something you need to know as a prospective buyer. Diamonds are universally measured using the 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. See how the 4Cs affect the price of a diamond, read our detailed guide here. You'll learn about each of the 4Cs, and which qualities to prioritize or save on.

Without GIA or AGS certification, you have no way of knowing the exact quality of the diamond—unless you happen to be a gemologist. Some retailers employ tricks like providing the clarity, color, and carat weight BUT leaving out the cut. The cut good, excellent, ideal is used to identify a diamond's reflective brilliance, which is arguably the most important feature.

Our engagement ring guide offers a great overview of the basics of diamond shopping. Reps knowledgeable but lack polish, many diamonds do not have actual photos, easy return process - 3. Blue Nile, the largest Internet diamond retailer on the market , is known for historically low prices and a vast selection of products. With no physical location, the company is built on the idea that loose diamonds are a commodity and should require nothing more than specs, price, and few photos to be purchased.

Did you know? The tradition of a diamond engagement ring began as an ad campaign by De Beers in the s. De Beers' " A Diamond is Forever " marketing plan convinced the world that a diamond was the only way to prove your love. It remains perhaps the most successful ad campaign in history. What We Like Due to its tremendous size, Blue Nile offers a vast selection of diamonds and engagement rings, all at very competitive prices. Blue Nile has exclusive contracts with diamond wholesalers all over the world, so it has by far the biggest selection of loose diamonds of the companies on our list.

Blue Nile's customer service representatives are known to be highly knowledgeable and helpful with your selection, though they are perhaps a bit unpolished in comparison to other options. Most notably, the retailer consistently upholds its return policy with a simple, hassle-free process that helps mitigate the disappointment of a returning a product.

Blue Nile will even include a self-addressed mailing label on your invoice copy in case you change your mind or don't get the yes you were hoping for. They allows returns up to 30 days after a product has shipped. Downsides The benefit of being an online-only retailer is that limited overheard allows for significantly cheaper prices.

Unfortunately, Blue Nile's significant growth has brought with it increased overhead. The exceptional value it once offered can now be beaten by some smaller, nimbler online retailers. If you want an engagement ring as opposed to a loose diamond, Blue Nile's setting selection is subpar compared to designer offerings at national retailers. If you're looking for a yellow gold or rose gold ring, there are only a handful of options.

Who Should Buy from Blue Nile If you are looking to spend the majority of your budget on the diamond itself, Blue Nile is the way to go. You won't find designer settings or pretty packaging here, but you will get a high-quality diamond for the same price.

Blue Nile: Need help? Are you looking to buy an engagement ring online to save money? Check out our comparison of the best places to buy an engagement ring online. Competitively priced, comparable to online retailers - 4. Limited in-store selection, larger online offering - 3. Costco is the definitive wholesale retailer. With locations in nine countries, the retail giant has formed a reputation over the years for exceptional pricing, a generous return policy, and exemplary customer service.

What We Like Costco combines the pricing of an Internet retailer with the benefits of an in-store experience. Customers get deep discounts and can view the diamond in person. How good is the value? Costco also has one of the best return policies around. You can get a refund within 30 days for any reason and have the cash in hand whereas with Blue Nile, you have to mail the unwanted jewelry back and wait.

Downsides Costco's primary deficiency is a somewhat limited selection compared to dedicated jewelry retailers. For the higher-end buyer, Costco offers neither the presentation nor long-term servicing of a Tiffany engagement ring. It doesn't offer a resizing option either, which can make finding the right ring difficult. On the customer service end of the spectrum, the view is generally positive.

However, since Costco isn't a dedicated jewelry retailer, store staff members lack the specialized knowledge many jewelry shoppers depend on. Looking for good value? Shopping for diamonds online can be a real challenge. Read this in-depth James Allen review to see how their degree videos can help you find the right stone at a good value. Who Should Buy From Costco If you want a fantastic-looking engagement ring for a great value, it's hard to beat Costco.

Unless you're going the DIY route or want the prestige of a famous diamond brand, Costco will give you the best ready-to-propose engagement ring for your money. Looking for to surprise your partner with more of a WOW factor? Read on for a review of the world famous Tiffany's. Large selection, both in stores and online - 4. Since creating the "Tiffany engagement ring" in , the company has become a household name, known for top quality, top price, and top service.

Presenting your ring in a little blue box carries a level of prestige that other jewelry stores can't match. Every aspect of the Tiffany experience is intentionally top of the line, from the carpets in stores to the ribbon on the box. You never have to worry about getting an inferior product with Tiffany.

But if you do, their legendary customer service will make it right. Downsides As with a luxury car, you pay a tremendous premium simply for the brand name. You can find similar diamonds for much cheaper with a little work. There aren't really any other downsides to the Tiffany experience, which is why you'll pay significantly more for an engagement ring. Can't put a price on love? Read our review on why high-end retailers like Whiteflash specialize in ideal cut diamonds.

If you need to own the branded best and can afford it, Tiffany engagement rings are hard to beat. For everyone else, there are better options for similar quality diamonds at lower prices. While Blue Nile , Costco and Tiffany are some of the more popular diamond retailers, there are a number of other online jewelers you should also consider.

For HD images, check out James Allen. For the most brilliant diamonds, then add Whiteflash to your list. Nervous about buying completely online? Consider Ritani , a company that blends the ease of online shopping with the confidence of in-person viewing. Ritani has a free in-store preview service. You can request a loose diamond or a finished ring even a custom designed ring to be shipped to a nearby participating jewelry store. If you love it, buy it.

Otherwise, just walk away. Ritani lets you you enjoy the benefits of shopping online, without the worry of buying blind.

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