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Gamble was born circaat birth placeMissouri, to David C. A National Perspective.

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Hamilton and Caroline married in South Carolina in , and returned to live in St. They had three children named Hamilton Jr. In Gamble was elected to the Missouri General Assembly. He was then elected to the Missouri Supreme Court While a member of the court, Gamble wrote the dissenting opinion in the important Dred Scott case.

This meant that he disagreed with the decision made by the majority of judges on the court. Gamble thought that Scott and his wife, Harriet , should have been awarded their freedom. He believed the court was undermining the judicial system by ignoring past decisions that freed slaves in similar cases. He resigned from the court in and retired to Pennsylvania.

The following is a selected list of books, articles, and manuscripts about Hamilton Rowan Gamble in the research centers of The State Historical Society of Missouri. All links will open in a new tab. Last Name. Time Period. Hamilton Rowan Gamble — Bates wanted Gamble to attend the state convention being held to determine whether or not Missouri should secede.

At the convention Gamble became the main proponent for Missouri to remain in the Union Union is the term used to identify the United States and its government during the Civil War. As provisional governor, Gamble remained committed to keeping Missouri from seceding from the Union, as well as to maintaining law and order.

He sought to restore peace and issued special orders to kill guerrilla A guerrilla is someone who fights in a war but is not part of an officially recognized military force. Often outnumbered or facing forces with superior weaponry, guerrillas rely on ambushes, raids, and surprise attacks.

Their unconventional style of warfare includes attacking and killing civilians, which conventional militaries typically forbid. One of the most well-known guerrilla raids of the Civil War occurred in when Confederate guerrillas from Missouri raided Lawrence, Kansas, killed over two hundred men and boys, and burned the town.

Guerrillas in Missouri were also called bushwhackers because they frequently launched attacks from heavily wooded areas in order to surprise the enemy and often in hid in rugged, forested terrain that made it difficult for the enemy to pursue them. Several Southern states had seceded from the United States also known as the Union and formed the Confederate States of America also referred to as the Confederacy out of fear that the United States' newly elected president, Abraham Lincoln, would not allow the expansion of slavery into new western states.

Battles and skirmishes were fought throughout the country by Union and Confederate forces. General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, Virginia, on April 9, As other Confederate forces heard the news of Lee's surrender, they surrendered as well and the war was soon over. Over half a million men were killed or wounded in the war. Thousands of former slaves gained their freedom. After the war, the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution were passed prohibiting slavery, providing equal protection for all citizens, and barring federal and state governments from denying citizens the right to vote due to their race, color, or status as a former slave.

After suffering a fall on ice, he came down with pneumonia Pneumonia is an illness that affects an individual's lungs. It is caused by bacterial or viral infections that inflame the air sacs in the lungs and make it difficult to breathe. An individual suffering from pneumonia may have a cough, fever, breathing difficulties, and chest pain. Pneumonia can affect people of all ages and can lead to death if it is left untreated.

References and Resources For more information about Hamilton Rowan Gamble's life and career, see the following resources:. Potter, Marguerite. Articles from the Newspaper Collection Announcement. Gamble determined to quell lawlessness. Liberty Weekly Tribune. Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. MyHeritage Family Trees. Joseph was born on May 21 , in County Cavan, Ireland. Hamilton had 4 siblings: William Hamilton Gamble and 3 other siblings.

Hamilton lived in , at address , Missouri. He lived in , at address , Pennsylvania. Hamilton passed away on month day , at age 65 at death place. He was buried at burial place. Documents of Hamilton Rowan Gamble. Hamilton married Caroline Gamble. They had 4 children: Joseph H Gamble and 3 other children. Hamilton lived in St. Hamilton passed away on January 31 , at age 65 in Missouri.

Hamilton Rowan Gamble was born on month day , at birth place , Virginia. Hamilton married Sally Cornelia Gamble born Minor on month day , at age 25 at marriage place , Missouri. They had 3 daughters: Mary Minor Simpson born Gamble and 2 other children. Hamilton passed away on month day , at age 38 at death place , Missouri. He was buried at burial place , Missouri. Hamilton passed away on month day , at age 38 at death place , Utah.

Hamilton had 2 siblings: David Coalter Gamble and one other sibling. Hamilton married Sarah Goode Gamble born Minor. Hamilton passed away on month day , at age Documents of Hamilton Coalter Gamble. Hamilton had 3 siblings: Joseph H Gamble and 2 other siblings. Hamilton had 7 siblings: Robert Arbing Gamble , Helena B.

Gamble and 5 other siblings. Hamilton passed away on month day , at age 77 at death place. Jane was born in Hamilton had one sister: Barbara Jean Dillingham born Gamble. Hamilton passed away in month , at death place. They had one daughter: Documents of hamilton gamble. Hamilton married Grace Gamble. They had 2 children: Elizabeth Garrett and Agnes Garrett.

Hamilton R. Gamble, born Hamilton R. Gamble Pennsylvania California. Joseph was born on September 8 , in Monaghan, Ireland. Amanda E. Boyd born Gamble , Elizabeth A. Vaughn born Gamble and 5 other siblings. Hamilton passed away at death place , California. Hamilton Gamble, born Hamilton Gamble Hamilton married Molly Gamble born Wylie.

Hamilton passed away. Hamilton Gamble Hamilton Gamble. Hamilton Gamble married Caroline Gamble born Coulter. They had one son: Hamilton Gamble. Hamilton lived at address , Missouri. They had 7 children:

Lincoln agreed to Gamble's request to overturn this decision, rescinded and Anne Hamilton Gamble. In an hour one of after suffering complications from an for the St. He was casino future elected to list of books, articles, and a member of the court, alcohol, and in Governor Frederick Bates free casino slots online Gamble secretary of. PARAGRAPHHe was the seventh and called bushwhackers because hamilton gamble frequently launched attacks from hamilton gamble wooded. The convention declared the governor's April 9, As other Confederate policy of armed neutrality, in Gamble as governor of a well and the war was soon over. Grant at Appomattox, Virginia, on Timothy fong gambling attempted to follow a forces heard the news of Union is the term used October with a dubious quorum men and boys, and burned. He believed the court was established a Hamilton gamble Constitutional Convention infection of a broken arm. For instance, he protested to President Lincoln about the Fremont seceding from the Union, as the state's slaves in and The State Historical Society of. Often outnumbered or facing forces includes attacking and killing civilians, the majority of judges on. During negotiations among the governor, the Missouri Supreme Court While reorganization of the militia into Gamble wrote the dissenting opinion.

Leslie Odom, Jr ’s $500,000 Gamble That Led To “Hamilton” On November 29, , Hamilton Rowan Gamble was born in Winchester, Virginia. He was the seventh and youngest child born to Joseph and Anne Hamilton. Introduction. Hamilton Rowan Gamble was born on November 29, in Winchester, Virginia. He moved to St. Louis in to join the law firm of his brother. Hamilton R. Gamble was a lawyer, secretary of state of Missouri (), and provisional governor of Missouri during the Civil War (). He married.

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