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All I had to do was sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings. Access or update personal information Request correction, deletion, or transfer of your personal information. My dear friend, sister-in-law and mother-in-law are all currently fighting Breast cancer.

Proctor and gamble thank you mom rebate casino coupe

Gale Nicodemus. I am a very loyal customer of yours I am really trying to find out what you did with an item that I amd a lot of other people have become very found of and am not able to buy it anymore. My children really liked to take it in there lumches. Thanking you in advance. Joyce Ann Maydak. There is a website which has allowed people to call me names like "ceritfied nutjob. I tried calling your headquarters and was told no one could help me, after the first cdustomer-service representative hung up on me after I explained the situation.

Obviously, I will never purchase another one of your products again, especially after making a courtesy call to your headquarters in an attempt to put you on notice of this conduct. I'm strong and don't get suicidal, but it is still painful to endure this abuse, especially when the site's sponsor direct or indirect is a "respectable" large corporation.

I would only be a nutjob if I ever gave you a cent of my business again. Your company disgusts me. Ray Gordon SnodgrassPublish aol. But let me tell you what the store manager told me. Dont forget I'm a Crazy Couponer right.. Wait a minute I'm sorry but this was unacceptable to me. So i asked why not, what up with this downey and why can't I use my 2.

It's not a trail or travel size. I beleive travel is 10oz and trail is in the plastic pouch The store Manager says: The owner had these imported in from mexico and your coupon is an american coupon. The bar code won't accept the coupon. It's two things about this im not happy with. I went to Walmart they price adjusted the items and had no issues.

LasVegas NV. I was told if you try for a job at p and g and you are a white male, then the saying is "if your white your not right". So I applied for a job, made it to the interview. I answered every question perfectly, but a young man also interviewing,told me his father is one of our interviewers, and p and g will take the minorities.

So between family and miniorities, I stood a snowball chance of getting the job. So if your thinking about a job at p and g dont waste your time and, I do mean a lot of wasted time. We are pleased to be shareholders. It was mailed prior to expiration date of the offer. After receiving a letter informing me that "Your purchase was not made within the promotion dates required for this offer" I am furious.

Absolutely not true! And to add insult to injury enclosed in this letter was a new form to "resubmit"! I am legitimately upset. Enough to boycott Olay products from here on out. What kind of Public Relations does Olay countenance? I'm curious if they'll honor the rebate if you purchased from a store that just happens to have the same name i. Of the warehouse clubs, only BJ's is participating: Page 1 of 1. Join the Conversation Add a Comment.

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Thanks for the vote! Thanks for supporting our community! Valid Feb 14th Valentine's Day! More from the Slickdeals Blog. Patagonia Sale: Copyright - I am just speechless. I am glad your mother was okay but that doctor did not need to be working with anyone, but especially women!

Breast cancer has not affected me directly, thank goodness, but it has affected my sister. Her best friend passed away from a long battle with cancer almost a year ago. She was only 21! They tried everything, mastectomy, chemo, and multiple surgeries all to no avail. My sister just got a tattoo in memory of Dallie and how much she meant to her. My family has been lucky in that no one has had breast cancer, but in my nursing career and with some family friends, there have been many patients and family members who have had to deal with it.

I still remember one from my early work years, way before so many of the medications and advanced treatments that give hope now, who was in the last stages of the disease. I had never before nor since almost prayed that anyone would find peace in death—no one who has never seen it can have any real idea of the agony—we could not give her enough medication to give her relief for more than a very short period of time.

Titrated pain management was not yet developed. It is a very good thing to have lived long enough to have seen real advances in health care, and believe me, I am so happy that my daughters and grandchildren have a real chance of living into an era where the disease can be cured, not just treated! I agree with you completely. I wrote about a nursing perception of the disease as well.

I think it is a completely different take than many people would know. It affected me since my mother had breast cancer and that puts me in a high risk category. The best thing you can do is to get your mammogram yearly — this will catch it long before a self examination. My Mom fought breast cancer and I can tell you that it really frightened this extremely strong woman.

So do your breast exams and get your mammograms. My grandmother was lucky enough to beat breast cancer. Although she had to have a single mastectomy, she has been so brave and has never felt sorry for herself. Her ordeal reminds me constantly how important it is to do a monthly self check. My advice: When you hit 40, go every year, without fail. Early detection is key, and this is so the case where safe is better than sorry.

You are absolutely right Rosey. This is especially true since there are a number of resources available to all women despite insurance availability. Nothing worked better for her than to keep upbeat and just makes jokes about the situation and what kind of new jugs she was gonna get! My dear friend, sister-in-law and mother-in-law are all currently fighting Breast cancer. They are true examples to me of valiant women who will not be beaten by this cancer! The best thing is to be there for everyone close to you.

I have known people who have both won and lost against bc. She is better now but had a young son and it was very scary and hard for everyone. Good thing she is a fighter! As I inch closer to 40, I am more and more active in self breast exams and yearly check ups, and encouraging my sisters to do the same.

If grandma had caught it early she could still have been here with us. It is so sad to me how many people were lost to a disease that could have been stopped if found earlier. I am glad you are doing what is necessary to protect yourself!

Breast cancer has not effected my family personally, but I did take care of elderly women who had had breast cancer and survived. That is wonderful Lorri. If you read my post, you know that taking care of others is my experience with breast cancer as well. It makes it difficult to not get too personal I think… but we all know a good caretaker tends to get personal. Not only that, but the more we talk about it, the easier it is to talk about.

Shame and fear are two things I think that keep women and men from talking about breast cancer. Great points! Fortunately, I have not been personally affected by breast cancer. One way I know to fight it is to give yourself monthly breast exams. My Great Aunt who at the time was battling breast cancer for the 3rd time, asked me if I would donate my hair to make a wig for her.

Of course I agreed, but before I was able to grow it out, she passed away. Within the next month or so, I plan on donating my hair to lockes of Love in honor of my brave aunt Sue. I am blessed in that this disease has not affected me or my family yet. I am all about early detection, and think self-exams are critical! My sister in law is a 2yr survivor,,,she is sooooooooooooo brave and it has brought our whole extended family together,. Illness and tragedy bring people together. I am glad your sister-in-law is doing well.

Blogtacular contest! Thanks so much! Janna Johnson Jannajanna hotmail. While I am sorry to hear your family has been affected so much, I am glad to hear they all beat cancer. Breast Cancer has affected a few generations in my family. I can say that it has hit way too close to home.

This is why I do monthly self exams and 2 x year mammograms. I would rather be ahead of it, then behind it. Tell everyone you know. If it is detected early your prognosis could be much better. Obviously the best tip is to check yourself regularly, but you should also have your doctor check you yearly at the least.

My grandmother had breast cancer, My aunt just had a double mastectomy from breast cancer at 60 and my cousin got breast cancer at 22 and died from it. Oh Jamie, I am so sorry. Your family has been affected way more than should be allowed. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. My grandmother died of breast cancer at age It affected our whole family. Fighting breast cancer — 1 get regular mammograms! And do monthly self exams. I hope every one knows that. Thank you.

I think there has been so much press about the necessity of mammograms and self exams that most women know all about it now. At least, I hope they do. That is great to hear Pat… for the sake of your friend. Her mother sounds like a fighter so I have no doubt your friend would do the same. I would say all woman should do a monthly breast exam at home!!

Thanks for the chance. Nan, great point! It is important for women to remember that there are resources available for all women… even those uninsured! My friend Debbie had breast cancer. It was really hard watching her and her family go through everything that they had to go through to get her well. Kathy, I bet it was very hard. I am glad to hear that her battle was successful and she is cancer free.

My God-Mother Marianne was diagnosed and fought breast cancer for years.. She fought for a few years and lost her battle. It was so scary to me because it made it no longer something to worry about when you got older. Clarissa, that is so sad. I hate that there are so many affected by this disease… both young and old.

My grandmother had breast cancer at the age of 70, and we watched her have to endure it and it was very hard. My mom had breast cancer but is a survivor more than 20 years! Your story touched me. That is wonderful Suzanne!! I am so happy to hear that your mother has been cancer free for so long. Many blessings to her! My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor so I learned alot about it from her. The most important thing she taught me is to keep a positive attitude and know you are going to beat it…and she did.

I am glad you have been unaffected Allison. Mammograms are a good starting point in prevention for sure! GloriaDeal aol. Many many years ago, before I was born, my grandmother died of breast cancer at age I am so thankful for the medical advances available now. My mother lost her best friend.

It has made me realize the importance of taking every opportunity to love your friends and family. Meredith, it is sad how it works, but it is often that way. Breast cancer is very much an issue for me as my Mom is currently battling stage 3 breast cancer and I am headed in for a recheck of a suspicious spot on my last Mammogram. I am so sorry Katharine. I will say a prayer for you and your mom.

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P&G 'Thank You, Mom' Campaign Ad: "Strong" (Rio 2016 Olympics) Apr 19, - The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE:PG) Q3 Results Conference Call April 19, AM ET Executives John Chevalier - VP. Apr 18, - Proctor & Gamble today launched its first global corporate campaign Procter & Gamble will thank Moms everywhere at the London Apr 25, - P&G's largest ever global campaigns 'Thank You, Mom' . FMCG major is thanking Indian moms by awarding them a confirmed ` discount.

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