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Select Date. Red card — The red card is the beginner card, given free of charge to anyone who wants it. Mobility Access.

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Points can also be accumulated through slot and table play which can be redeemed for prizes. Nobody could say what the rate of accumulation is at the tables and they could only speculate for the slots. One person said it might be one point earned for every five dollars bet while someone else said for every dollar bet one point was earned.

There were no brochures or pamphlets listing what products are available for redemption, but I was told the list includes: Here the comps get serious. As long as the player has rolling activity within a three month period, and the rolling numbers are large enough, then he or she is entitled to free rooms in the hotel and free food in the casino restaurants.

I stood in line beside a guy who had no problem securing a room for two nights. It's hard to say just how good of a deal this is though. First of all, it requires , points, so who knows how much money first goes into that just to reach that number.

Grand Emperor is trying to pass itself off as European royalty but all I saw there were British themes. Two Buckingham Palace type guards stand by the main doors wearing bearskin hats and holding fake machine guns, while the lobby paintings are of English monarchs. The bourgeious excess really takes off though with the gaudy gold carriage that's permanently parked out front and in the Golden Pathway walkway in the lobby that's made up of 78 bars of pure gold.

Even for China, that amount of window dressing is pretty obscene. The Grand Emperor's rates fall on the high side of midrange, with mid week prices only a little cheaper than nearby mega properties like the Grand Lisboa and Wynn. All told, the hotel has rooms, and 29 suites, with guest quarters located on the 11th to 24th floors.

The following rates include all tax and service charges:. I think the Emperor Suite comes with full guard protection. When I walked by the room to get to they gym there were three security men stationed outside. Staff wouldn't tell me who was staying there though. For guests staying in suites, they get full use of the Windsor Lounge located on the 21st floor. There they can help themselves to complimentary water and tea wow! There's also free Wi Fi from 10 am to 7 pm.

Surprisingly, the Grand Emperor doesn't have a pool. For the rates they charge though, they should think about adding one. It's not a budget hotel after all. The Grand Emperor has a trio of restaurants specializing in three different types of cuisine- Chinese, Japanese and Western. Prices in all three restaurants are very affordable.

Majestic Robatayaki — Grand Emperor's Japansese restaurant is located in the lobby. It was a big to do for me to be able to bring you this gym info as the staff first refused to let me see it, saying I wasn't a paying guest.

At every other hotel, the response is, "Sure sir, right this way", but for some reason the Grand Emperor decided to be difficult. The girl at the desk even said I would have to make an appointment with the sales department to arrange a viewing, like the place was a house or something. When I asked specifically why I couldn't see it, she said it was because members were busy using it and "doing something.

It's the say-it-anytime Chinese catchphrase used to avoid explaining something to someone or when they just want to flat out lie. Not buying what she said at all, and not wanting to come back another time, I decided to be a little difficult myself. After about five minutes my persistence paid off when she phoned her Assistant Manager again and he personally came up to take me there. As I was waiting, the girl was very polite, asking if I wanted tea or a drink, or if I wanted to sit in a more comfortable chair.

I must admit, she was very nice, just not a very good liar. When I finally got to the gym, I wasn't the least bit surprised to see nobody in it. The Emperor Palace gym is pretty well equipped with cardio machines and three or four heavy duty weight machines that work every part of the body. There's also a large assortment of free weights. For Macau hotels, it's one of the better ones I've seen. The only problem is that it's a little cramped with machines lined up tightly in a small rectangular room.

If it were double its size then I think guests would have the proper space to comfortably lift and move around. The Emperor Palace has two spas, but neither of them are free. Combine that with the absence of a pool, and you have a hotel that comes up mighty short in the facilities department.

The Royal Thai Spa — Legitimate place offering full range of massage and beauty treatments. Located at the 20th floor, the lobby section is quite nice. The Excellent Sauna — Has the best looking posters I've seen yet featuring girls I'm sure don't work there. No real need to elaborate on what they're selling.

Located on the 10th floor. The Emperor Palace doesn't have a proper bar, but there are two places to drink. Respectively they are:. Lobby Lounge — Food and drink are both available in the seven table Lobby Lounge. Club Deluxe — Club Deluxe is another karoake joint with no bar or dance floor but plenty of working women. For the purpose of this review I waited in one of the KTV rooms for the Mama San, or in this case, the "Public Relations Manageress" to give me an idea of how the club works.

I was expecting her to be some tough as nails no nonsense broad who's been around but that wasn't the case at all. Instead she was a very well mannered young 30 or 35 year old from the Phillipines who was impossibly polite throughout our conversation. Basically the process works like this: After every ten minutes or so a new one will come in until you find the one you like. Once you've decided then it's off to consummate the deal in one of the Grand Emperor rooms.

Mama San said that time couldn't exceed two hours though. You know, between Excellent Sauna and Club Deluxe, I really don't think Jackie Chan has any idea of the debauchery that's going on in his hotel. Not much happening in this department as per the case in Macau. All they have is a live band playing jazz and classical music in the Lobby Lounge between 4: Three stores selling watch and jewellery can be found in the Grand Emperor lobby.

Cartier and Rolex are smaller shops while Emperor Jewellery is about twice their size. The principal owners of the hotel are a subsidiary of the Emperor Group, a huge Hong Kong business empire that began in selling watches and jewellery. I guess that's why Emperor Jewellery is the largest shop in the property and also why the hotel was named Grand Emperor in the first place. I can't condone the Grand Emperor's phony attempts to impress and be something it's not.

It sells itself as a first class luxury lodging but its grandiose attempts at splendour just fail miserably. Rooms Dining Tickets. Log In Sign Up. Select Check-In. Select Check-Out. Mobility Access. Hearing Access. Find A Room. Select Date. Select Time. Party Size.

Find A Table. No, Thanks. Search By Event. View By Date. This week This weekend Pick a date. View Event Calendar. M life Rewards Promotions Games Poker. Hot Slots! Check out the latest roundup of featured slots at Borgata! Learn More. Email Updates Sign up for emails.

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Lil Peep - 4 GOLD CHAINS ft. Clams Casino (Official Video) Restaurants - EnglishEnjoy the excellent variety of food that we offer at Quechan Casino Resort, and we hope to please your taste and enjoy an enjoyable stay. Oct 17, - China Star Entertainment Ltd, a services provider in the Macau casino market, said on Monday that Macau businessman Chan Meng Kam will. Jun 13, - Casino Bonus Master presents the review of BetChan Casino. It's highly recommended to read this review before you start playing at BetChan.

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