Is the lottery classed as gambling

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Even exempt raffles must follow certain rules and regulation.

Is the lottery classed as gambling cleopatra casino games free

However, the fact that the prize would be a bottle of spirits might require extra thought. In any case, you do need to double check with an expert on this one. Better safe than sorry! Hello, my company would like to offer their customers a Prize Raffle Draw. Tickets will be issued in accordance to the volume of seasonal product bought. Tickets would go into a hat and at the end of the promotion, drawn to reveal the winner of a weekend away in Scotland.

Does the company require a license to hold this draw? Many thanks, Anita. Hmm, that is a tricky one. However, there ARE restrictions based on the time period in which you hope to distribute tickets. Distributing tickets throughout an entire season might be a problem.

UK Law is fairly strict regarding the cost of the ticket. Even exempt raffles must follow certain rules and regulation. Under law can cloakroom tickets still be used for a basic fundraising raffle or do tickets need printing with all details on?

My understanding is that if your raffle requires a licence, then you must print that licence number, along with other critical details on the ticket. All ticket templates from UK Ticket Printing automatically cue you for the required information. Louise, you will still need to check with your Gaming Council, but I believe you may legally sell these tickets as long as you draw the prizewinners at the charity event.

It can be the last thing that happens at the event, but if you plan to draw the winners on another day, you will probably need a licence. It makes the most sense to sell the cloakroom tickets during the event and make the prize draw a part of the event. Hi i want to hold a prize draw competion, can i charge for people to entre the comp? They will need to answer a Q then pay, is that ok? It was stated on the ticket that it would be drawn 31st March It wasnt! Is it legal to change the date of a draw?

I am about to post an article on this very subject! I am a bit confused. Perhaps you made a mistake in copying out the dates? I am uncertain about this. Indeed, it does seem underhanded. UK law insists that the date of the draw be printed on the ticket, and for this reason, it seems unusual that they would choose to put off the draw although I have heard of this being done in other countries if the organisation did not sell enough tickets to make the draw financially viable.

I would advise that you take your concerns to the local gaming commission. They will know whether this is illegal, and if it is, they will be quite interested to know. I am manager of petrol station. Every year my company holds a community charity week, when every store has to fundraise for a charity local to that store. I want to hold a raffle in which the prize would be 60 litres of fuel.

Every single pound would be donated to Essex Air Ambulance. I am producing some raffle tickets for an upcoming fundraising event for a charity. I understand certain details are required to be printed on the tickets, one of which is promoters name and address.

Instead it is held by our charity. Can i put the address of the charity instead of my home address. Advise would be appreciated. Could you tell me if its against the law for raffle tickets to be sold to members of a private club to win a prize, and then the money taken is then shared out to the members at a later date to use to go out for a meal???

I think it is. I have a printing company and we regularly print raffle tickets. Someone recently told me that I can not buy any raffle tickets that my company prints!! Is this right? I am thinking of running a raffle or prize competition with a static caravan as the prize,would it be legal to not actually purchase the caravan before the draw so that the winner can choose which site they would like the caravan to be sited upon?

Hi, my workplace recently held a raffle using cloakroom tickets where employees were given 1 strip of 5 tickets free and the option to purchase more, the proceeds of which would go to a local charity. Many people did purchase more tickets. Is this legal? I have a newsagents. I want to sell raffle tickets to my customers and the prize would be 90 percent of the raffle money received. With a 10 percent going to myself. Is this legal and would I need a licence?

Please can you tell me if it is legal for a club to postpone a raffle-draw, making the draw date three week later than the date advertised on the raffle tickets? The club insisted all ticket stubs were to be returned by 30th of August and the draw was to take place on 10th of September. There was no reason for postponing the draw other than to have it when more people might be at the club buying drinks!

Hope you can help. They would be sold also at a venue where I organize night club events. I was wondering , do I need a license and what are the costs? And therefore, a licence is not needed? Regardless of how many tickets are sold and how much money is raised. Hey there im intrested in raffleing my motorbike of and as i read the laws above if i was to make a group on lets say facebook were only members of the group could by a ticket there gor its a private raffel and to my understanding would not need a licence and would be legal thanks for your time.

I have a been doing some fundraising to raise for cancer research U. I would like to either auction or raffle it off. Can you please give me a little advice. I was planning on selling the tickets to friends family acquaintances. Also via my fundraising page on social sites. Hi, I intend to run a raffle based on the outcome of my time running a marathon. People will be sold tickets with times and one winner will recieve the prize.

Is this based on skill personal to me and therefore not luck. It is for charity and I will do my utmost to finish in the quickest possible time. I would advise tearing the tickets off and drawing them individually.

However, you should direct this question to your local gaming council for further clarification. Please contact your local gaming council for further details. I would definitely advise you to contact the local gaming council. Step carefully! The council will inform you of the best way to legally conduct your affairs. Your reasoning appears sound to me, but, as always, I would advise checking with the gaming council before proceeding.

The law looks upon prize draws for personal gain in a very different light as those for charity. Hi I am raising money to go to teach english as a volunteer in Thailand. The money is sent to a charitable gap year organisation with a license from the gambling board.

If the raffle tickets have the first 3 prizes declared on them are you obliged to award those prizes in the order stated? However, we are also thinking of selling tickets on a various sites to our customers on the day — again can this be done without a licence?

Hi I wonder if you can help me, i am offering to do a raffle on xmas day untill new years eve, the raffle will take place on my face book, i am charging 1 pound a ticket and people have to pick a number from 1 to , they will pick a number and pay through my Pay Pal account, then on new years eve i will put numbers 1 to in a hat and someone will pick the winners out, then i will let them know on my fb page, i have never done this before i just want to help a family memeber to raise a bit of money for their little boy needs a new wheelchair, it will be a one off raffle.

If you sell a strip of 5 tickets for 50p is illegal to put strips in the drum, which only gives one chance, or does the Law require you to put single tickets in the drum. What is the stance on doing online raffles such as Facebook from business pages on there?

Would this be considered as a business owner doing a raffle to only their customers? Hello i wonder if you can help me. I belong to a large group. We have lots of different members and we have been given a fold up bike and a garden hammock to raffle to raise funds for a charity.

We only intend to keep this raffle in house amoungst all of our members. We are going to either sell tickets for 1. Or we maybe have offical tickets printed with the charity number on them. Is this ok. Thank you. I would like to inquire on what kind of licence you would need, if you were raffling a car in a public area. Hi there, i just had a few questions about the prize draw my newly formed theatre production company and I aim to carry out.

All the money that would be raised through the selling of the tickets would go towards the setting up of the theatre company and to take a production on tour around the country which aims raise awareness of the arts, new writing and to give graduates in theatre a place to start their careers. Once purchasing the ticket, participants name would go into a box and on a certain date where all members of the production company are present the winner would be drawn and contacted about their prize.

It would then be delivered to them asap. So basically my question is, would we need to have a licence to carry out a prize draw of this kind?? I should check with my local gaming council on this matter. There may be some issues with the price of your tickets. Although this is to be a small and private raffle, it makes sense to check with the local gaming council to verify the legality of your plans. I believe you will definitely need a licence for a venture of this size.

Please seek further details from your local gaming council. This seems all right, but you should always double check with the local gaming council before proceeding. Your local gaming council can provide a better insight on how to use modern technology without running afoul of the law.

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I am really not at all certain about the legality of such draws, but in any case, it costs nothing to contact the local gaming council for their legal advice. Others have asked this question. There was a raffle which had an advertising poster in the club showing the top 9 prizes the first prize being two flights in club europe donated by B.

There was no indication on the poster or on the tickets that the draw would be anything other than a normal raffle draw. As the tickets were being drawn the m. My ticket was first out of the drum and instead of the advertised first prize i was given the 18th prize a set of frying pans. The same applied to everyone drawn out of the drum for the first 9 numbers all were allocated minor prizes instead of the advertised prizes on the poster. The committees attitude is that they can do what they like as long as they tell us —but surely 2 mins before the draw is not acceptable.

Can anyone tell me what the legal position on this would be please. I have no problem with the money going to charity but feel the way the raffle was conducted was morally if not legally wrong. Hi I am selling raffle tickets in our golf club to the members and its is a private members club. Equal chance for equal outlay: As a general rule, your credit card issuer has to allocate your payments to amounts that attract the highest interest first.

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See our guide on which credit cards you can or can't gamble with. Gift cards and prepaid cards. Credit card cheques. Certain credit card issuers send cheques to cardholders that they can use to withdraw money from their accounts as and when they like. While using such cheques can be tempting, you may want to reconsider to avoid the cash advance rate. Instead, if you're going overseas, you should look into a card specifically designed for travel.

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Should Christians Play the Lottery? — Ask a Pastor, Dr. Joel C. Hunter No information is available for this page. GamCare is the leading provider of information, advice, support and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling. Camelot was one of. Running a lottery syndicate. However, to run a syndicate, you must ensure that it is operating in a certain way in order to avoid being classed as 'promoting a lottery' under the Gambling Act

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