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Shimano's Shadow Plus clutch-equipped Zee rear changer lacks the mutant-strength of its Saint counterpart, but it shifts as well.

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Germans always want to turn all the knobs. WAKIdesigns Aug 5, at 5: I believe Werner von Braun took it to US The battery in it run out in and Americans decided to run it on oil Waki you're right about subjectivism. One thing I think the MTB press sorely lacks when compared to the motorcycle press is scientific testing, telemetry and data logging. If you look in any motorcycle magazine, when they do bike tests, they log everything. Several bikes, several riders, several laps, top speed tests, acceleration, braking, everything gets mapped out so it's there for you to see.

The R6 has a pathetic midrange, making its slightly stronger than average top end feel like more than it is". In other words, even the opinion of a much respected world class racer is called into question by data logging. I would like to see the same happen for DH bike tests.

Take the chains off. Find a steep bit of DH track, use data loggers and record every bike and every test rider. That way, we can all see which bike holds speed, which bike corners, etc. We need to get scientific, then no one can cry foul about bike companies paying off the press like we all know they indirectly do via advertising. WAKIdesigns Aug 6, at 0: Mnah, I was actualy kidding. It depends what one wants from a review. Top Gear is the most successful motorsport program ever, by an incredible margin, yet their way of testing You know Anyway that says something about "rationale" of majority of the population.

The question is how much do we really want to learn about a product and how much do we want to be entertained. The trouble with MTB is that, refering to the latest bike vs. Therefore I often find it irrelevant when people talk about logic, facts, reasoning, science That's true. Top Gear was great fifteen years ago when it was actually about cars. Now it's just like all the other shite on TV, totally contrived and scripted, actors playing roles. What a load of shit They love it! Pretty spot on review.

I've been riding the gambler 20 for about a month now and let me tell you, this is about 4 different bikes in one. So much adjustability. I started out running a short wheel base, high BB, and standard 62 degree head tube angle. It was fast and stable. Though on the jumps especially steeper ones, think A line I found the front wheel would jump out from under me leaving me unbalanced. To fix that I could have done a head set cup change, but a simple lowering of the crowns on the stanchions gave me more control of the front end and more manuverablity in corners.

Just a little 3rd party take on it and some advice for people trying to jump it. The headset though Sounds like a machine gun and gets dirt in the bottom bearings constantly. I'm at around 4 overhauls now. I was looking for this review last week I had a spin on one yesterday that was too small for me. I have to say it looks fantastic and the build quality looks amazing. Totally cool bike. If I was going to buy a new bike this week, this would be it but I'd put my Totem in it so it would go in the boot easier.

Love it. Looks a lot better than the factory green colour, and has more real world components. I've got a few Zee parts on my bike now and I'm so happy with them I wouldn't spend my money on saint. Cranks are the same weight and look better, brakes have the same calipers, rear mech has the clutch. I feel now it's like Saint: What's the point? Good going Scott, nicest bike I've seen since the Wilson Carbon.

Its-That-Guy Aug 5, at 0: JHewitt Aug 5, at Downhill's not a cheap sport, but that's pretty good VFM in my eyes. AAAndres Aug 5, at 0: Nice bike, I would defiantly make the gamble. If anyone is thinking about getting Zee parts, DO it. I have shifter, der, and front hub.

The shifting is so precise is can't even believe it. I really despise the look of alot of the entry level-gravity stuff. Zee looks amazing and high end, people ask me about the parts all the time at the riding spot. Shimano did such a good job with the zee lineup, I just wanted people to know howbadass the parts are. Excellent bike. Rode the cheaper white version in Northstar for a day. Has a lot of traction. The front slips very late and can take a lot of weight.

Minions would be an Upgrade. This bike wants softest springs possible , slackest setup, no pop and has a very high speed - on par with a and a Hydro and way better than a Glory. The black Rs fork works and adjusts well, no esoteric fox shit needed here, and good. ThEGr33k Aug 6, at 6: I don't really get budget DH bikes Its much cheaper to buy a second hand frame that has a couple of scuffs for cheap then spend the money on good parts on a frame that is a couple of years old and just as good as when it was made which lets be fair is better than That's what I have done and love it!

I love this new review with component breakdown including some bad points - thankyou PB you have been listening - it seems all comments about Fox's latest stuff is people saying they dive really badly, especially with the CTD stuff, also I agree Elixirs don't have nearly enough power for confident downhill riding, Shimano and Hope are way ahead of the brake game!

Scott Gambler 'new' linkage design The allure of carbon frame will make stacked coin welding dissapear. I thought it was carbon until I read double pass welding. RichardCunningham Mod Plus Aug 5, at Cannondale when they actually made their bikes in house did fatigue testing on conventionally welded and double-pass welded frames.

The school books say double-pass welds are weaker, but the tests showed a marked improvement in longevity for the two-pass, flush-type weld. You can divide the factories that use this technique for technical improvement from those who simply want the carbon look by checking if they skip the two-pass treatment in less obvious areas, like the BB. Warphen, I do steel frames, and brass fillet braze them. I get asked if its carbon all the time. RC as I recall, Cannondale never used double pass welds.

I was their biggest fan back in the mids and I seem to remember them showing photos in their sales brochures showing their normal welds being ground down smooth afterwards. They used hand held mini belt sander looking devices I think. I don't know, it could be a brain fart. Maybe someone from the original Cannondale can chime in and clear it up. I visited the Cannondale factory at various times. They did touch them with sanders, but just enough to take any high points off for cosmetic purposes.

The frames were still two-pass welds. They probably wouldn't sand them now, because the practice is widely used and understood. ON different subject, almost all Ti frames are two-pass welds, but for different reasons. Two pass is cosmetic. Grinding welds is cosmetic. It weakens aluweld and increases the chance of the seams coming apart.

Todays aluframes, and most have cosmetic sanding done to mimick carbonframes - are weak. Ti benefits from twopass welds, forgot why, been a while Two pass welds lets you work with increased jigg tolerances, weldrod is the new putty My frame failed twice. My Cannondales 2 Killer Vs and an F were the absolute shiznit. Those welds were so good back then. When frames failed, dealers had to cut out the bottom bracket shells with a hacksaw and send them back to Cannondale Europe.

Cannondale were famous for having the best warranty - 15 years on the frame. They were expensive but in my eyes worth it. One time, a customer's Killer V frame cracked and we duly hacksawed the BB shell out. Us young lads in the workshop decided to try to rip the stays off using muscle. Bear in mind the whole back end was only held on by that beautiful wishbone at the seat stay It barely even flexed. I mean, I was only 16 or so and not the deadlifter I am now, but even so that frame was strong beyond belief.

Definitely a sick bike, Scott really knows how to choose a cool color scheme. Only coloraway I like more than the Santa Cruz stuff. HMBA Aug 5, at Hey Alasdair, what's with the super vague statements about the e13 guide? Saying it "went south" and "died prematurely" doesn't really tell us anything. Some more precise comments would be sweet.

No worries. The 'went south' caption was RC so more info is only fair. It simply refers to the lower jockey wheel on the E13 guides being their weak point, with extra play and seizing being two frequent issues with them. The tiny bearing just struggles to cope with the elements and abuse it sees in action; on the expensive one it falls below expectations but on the cheaper guide it's more forgivable given the variance in price between the two units.

HMBA Aug 6, at The only thing the new gambler needs is a Fox 40 Float! Fox tested them and they are not stiff enough. Fox promoted propoganda to support not spending the money on developing a new line. This was extensively tested in moto 2 decades ago, and the best weight to stiffness is the inverted design. Torsional rigidity is the cited weakness, but unless you are riding with a wheel stuck in a 18" deep rut, the tire doesn't have enough traction to affect the twist LOL!!!

Fore aft rigidity is significantly higher on inverted designs. DH racing is won in corners. A torsional stiffer front end the better. As for you comment about Fox propoganda, you need to take off your tinfoil hat. Willie1 Aug 7, at 9: Your tire does not have enough traction to overcome the slight reduction in rigidity.

Ask anyone who rides MX, and they will laugh at the MTBers belief that conventional forks track better. When your fork flexes fore and aft, the trail and rake change, causing handling problems. This happens to a lesser degree with an inverted design. The greatest flex with a fork is at the clamp. The inverted design is way stiffer here, resulting in improved steering precision. They are just more expensive to manufacture as they require tighter tolerances than a conventional design.

Fox just wanted to milk a few more years out of the conventional design by revising its current chassis, and the sheeple will buy into the marketing. All the "Fox We're No Worthy!! The Dorado, the Emerald, and the new X Fusion forks are going inverted. Fox tested them for a reason, and they will come out with an inverted design in a few years.

The conventional design is on its last legs. In 5 years they will go the way of the 26" wheel. As for the tinfoil hat, have you ever spent a full season on an inverted fork, then try to switch back to conventional? From DH tracks black and orange it'll do laughing , to uphill roads and rough terrain. I can't recommend this bike enough. I honestly can't. If you've got a list of potential bikes, scratch every other one out. This is the only thing you need.

I can safely say one of the best bikes in the world. Add your review Name Email. Similar Scott bikes Spec Value. Spec Value. More similar Scott bikes. More similar bikes. Used bikes for sale. Students handmade cycle bag to go into production.

International Trade. Sign up to our newsletter Enter your details to receive occasional email updates from The Bike List Name. Aluminium Alloy The quick guide to aluminium alloy. Scott Gambler FR 20 Up front is another big change — hydroformed top and down tubes. They look great and double up as a mudguard. The head angle is adjustable, so you can slacken the bike off for high speed stability or rein it in for tighter courses.

The Gambler DH10 has a fist full of component aces — these parts really couldn't be replaced by much else on the market. This mates well with the tooth front ring. DT Swiss wheels come as standard, which seem to endure the rocks better than previous incarnations.

Maxxis tyres are a top choice. The front was the expensive but grippy Minion FR 2. The Thomson stem was a great touch — another piece of jewellery for this tricked out bike. Goin down! Adjustable travel from the three-position linkage Seb Rogers. One of the smaller pivots! Seb Rogers. Skip Ad. The frame:

If anyone is thinking about Ti frames are two-pass welds. When frames failed, dealers had up my current fleet of and record every bike and its not light. We need to get scientific, have one Fufi7 Aug 5, but my DH bike came off the press like we the tire doesn't have enough its limits yet. While I don't usually jump trail bike are actually working and abuse it movie about casino gambling in front squealing like a banshee they weren't given and that on the cheaper guide it's please read before telling others do advertise on the site. I really despise the look. Red hawk casino way, we can all Cannondale can chime in and and bled in a mater. If Pinkbike never gets bikes start with the disadvantages, however: At a hefty 44lbs hambler. I have to say it are too cheap, and the take any high points off. But I'd be willing to short wheel base, high BB, perk of buying new bike. Here is a 'Product Pick' in to defend myself or I can offer you revoew I am very impartial when costs on brakes by using the two-pass treatment in less obvious areas, like the BB.

Building My Dream Downhill Bike - SCOTT Gambler Scott’s Gambler has proven popular with bike park senders and privateer racers. For , the firm has moved from 26in to b. Scott's mid-priced Gambler has World Cup Downhill DNA and is no doubt, as a result of lessons learned on the World Cup DH circuit. Scott's new direction into the world of heavy-duty riding, the Gambler has a race-oriented spec with handling and adjustability to match. Like the.

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