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The plea agreement allowed the activists to avoid trial on felony counts of burglary and vandalism that carried potential sentences of nine years in prison. Posted 9 April, at

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And today it happened! This might sound complicated, but its much better than their previous reliance on a certification scheme that has been proved not to be very effective in stopping forest destruction.

The great news is that all this noise got the attention of many other companies! It is an undeniable change at the heart of the global palm oil industry, one provoked by public pressure and a desire to stem the tide of forest destruction. Of course, however encouraging this news is, there is still work to do. The few remaining Sumatran tigers in the world do not have another six years to wait as irresponsible companies drag their feet.

Because Greenpeace is independent and has offices around the world — including in Indonesia — this is something we are well equipped and ready to do. By taking action with Greenpeace, you are helping transform the palm oil industry. Together, we can continue to furthered this progress until the entire industry has shifted to responsibly sourced palm oil. People power and public pressure are the best tools we have to make that possible.

Just take a look at our Tiger Challenge. Who do you think is next? Unregistered C says:. Posted 9 April, at Still a lot of work to do! Please Greenpeace, we have to stop this! But thanks for this achievement. Unregistered timeo emilie says:. Posted 10 April, at 1: Unregistered Linda says:.

Posted 10 April, at 4: Unregistered CamilaPuinBernal says:. Posted 10 April, at 5: Unregistered dean87 says:. Posted 10 April, at Unregistered Sameer says:. Well done greenpeace. Posted 14 April, at Posted 19 December, at Cincinnati police say 12 window locks that will be difficult to replace were broken with pliers.

Broxterman confirmed that the window locks, which were allegedly broken by the protesters to gain access to the zip cords set up for the window washers, were the only parts of the building that were damaged during the stunt. The activists climbed out of the building 12 stories up, used zip cords to rappel down the building and unfurled foot banners.

The ninth one in the group, a female, dangled on a zip cord between the towers wearing a tiger suit. The incident began about 1 p. Tuesday and the activists were under arrest two hours later. Security also has been beefed up.

Their headquarters building is managed by JLL, a worldwide facilities management company. Broxterman said some of the activists entered the building wearing conservative business attire. They spent Tuesday night locked up at the Hamilton County, Ohio, jail without bond. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters was serious about seeking felony charges against what he called "the eco-terrorists. We're going to take this very seriously.

I hope they got their message out. Broxterman said the felony burglary charge is a result of the activists "trespassing in an occupied structure with the intent to commit a crime. That is alarming in itself. You put people in danger.

You take what they might consider to be a selfless cause and you turn it into a selfish act by putting people in danger in this manner. I think the fact that they have no ties to this area is a reason for a significant bond. Gallagher insisted his clients would attend each court proceeding and were not flight risks even though they all live out of state.

Check out this story on. Unregistered timeo emilie says: Prosecutors work with their attorneys to their political message, they committed crimes, caused damage and forced food banks and those who workers to respond. Dozens of protests throughout the. The cause of death for Tyler David Wilkerson, 27, wasn't procter and gamble greenpeace public. Get the Business Report newsletter. Ocean Sanctuaries Food Problem: Our in shampoo, cosmetics and other. Palm oil is commonly used Food Syst An Eco-Farmi Sign. How Germany is revolutionising its. PARAGRAPHThe Cincinnati-based consumer products giant subsequently beefed up its environmental guilty to felony breaking and entering but was allowed to to protect rain forests. No deposit netent casino on Indigenous R Global.

Greenpeace surprises P&G with protest Mar 10, - Orangutan from Greenpeace's anti-P&G ad Greenpeace says Procter & Gamble is putting orangutans like this one in danger. YouTube/. Apr 8, - "Greenpeace applauds P&G for making a much stronger commitment to sourcing sustainable palm oil,” said Greenpeace palm oil campaigner. Feb 27, - Greenpeace has called on the multinational Procter & Gamble (P&G) to commit to an immediate “no-deforestation” policy after linking the.

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